Comments - US Air Force Chases Jets with Muscle Cars

Published: Nov 13, 2012
Description: US Air Force pilots are used to steering some of the fastest vehicles on earth or above it. But while the vast majority of the machines we're talking about are aircraft, the Air Force also has a ...
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John Atnip Nov 13, 2012
It's a cool story to a very obscure job. I always wondered what they used in the past as the chasers
Nathan Witt Nov 13, 2012
This photo was taken at Osama AB in South Korea. I worked on that exact car from 2008-2010.
Joseph Flieder Nov 13, 2012
I had an SS version yeah not the hottest, but REALLY to drive. My wife called it my douche bag car lol.
Tim Puckett Nov 13, 2012
@Matt that's cuz you liked rices up civics lol
Tyler Tarbox Nov 13, 2012
The SS is cool in this gen.
Matt Piccolo Nov 13, 2012
I think this is my least fav gen of the camaro, not that I care for any of them, but these are pretty ugly IMO lol
Biswajyoti Das Nov 13, 2012
Yup. It's written on the back! One of my least fav gen of camaros.
Biswajyoti Das Nov 13, 2012
That's a Camaro right?
Description: As our friends over at Jalopnik recount, the chase cars are used to help the U-2 spy plane take off and land. The U-2 was designed during the Cold War to fly higher and farther than anything this side...
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Description: Keeping the lightweight plane with its 150-foot wingspan level on those little wheels has proven quite the challenge for the 850 pilots who have been trained to fly the U-2 over its past half century ...
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Dylan Bruder Nov 13, 2012
That's awesome
Description: The car carries another trained U-2 pilot who guides the aviator in the plane's cockpit when taking off (with "pogo" landing gear attached to the wings), but the trickiest part is the l...
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Description: The landing maneuver is so difficult that the spotters in the chase cars are required to give the pilot directions. And as you might expect, the cars need to be fast. The first chase cars were V8-powe...
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Lou Guerrero Nov 13, 2012
Awesome job indeed.
Robert Young Nov 14, 2012
300ish hp?
Jason Bartlett Nov 13, 2012
Be even sweeter pic if it said cobra on the rear bumper . Notch backs are my fav
Ada Onwukaike Nov 13, 2012
I cant see any muscle here
Drew Storrusten Nov 13, 2012
Damn!!!! I wanna make my fox body a patrol car. Lol.
David Parenti Nov 13, 2012
That is cool. Always loved the highway patrol 5.0
Paul Trahan Nov 14, 2012
And it handles better than it size would suggest.
Michael Davidson Nov 13, 2012
Because its got a big v8 rwd and looks awesome.
Austin Joseph Gillentine Nov 13, 2012
Why is the G8 so amazing?
Paul Trahan Nov 13, 2012
Awesome pic! Love me some G8s
Preston Ming Nov 13, 2012
hell I care about the plane more than the cars in this simple, a lil ugly, but a beast of a machine!
Colby Church Nov 13, 2012
Badass picture. I like the G8.
Colby Church Nov 13, 2012
Taking that light off the top would probably make it a little quicker. Ha. That's like a parachute at high speeds.
Matt Teschendorf Nov 16, 2012
Can't believe my dad sold his :( was so fun with the big v8!
Austin Joseph Gillentine Nov 13, 2012
LOVE the G8 it's my favorite car