Comments - Lambo Demonstrates Roadster's Roof

Published: Nov 13, 2012
Description: It used to be that a convertible was a convertible. The roof might be automatic or manual, but that was just about that. But now there are all sorts of systems. Take a look at the roof mechanisms on t...
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Walter Robinson Nov 13, 2012
It wasn't origami, it was like building a tent
John Serely Nov 13, 2012
@victor its better than the murcielago's origami roof
Victor Bustillos Tena Nov 13, 2012
what a disgrace to have a manual system on such a car
Description: The one-off Aventador J doesn't even have a roof. But as you can see from this rudimentary video shot at the car's unveiling in Miami yesterday, Lamborghini developed a two-piece carbon-comp...
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Lee Cascio Nov 28, 2012
More of a targa top than a convertible.
Salvador Ortega Padilla Nov 14, 2012
Fortunately, the weather is the same for rich and poor.
Stephen Harry Goldberg Nov 14, 2012
I live in Seattle and saw a Lamborghini today driving around in the rain. It happens, and I have to say, I don't love this system. Understand why they did it like this but it's not ideal IMO
Ben Nitka Nov 13, 2012
For all of you talking about weather, people with $380,000 supercars do not take them out unless they're sure they won't get rained on...
Michael Lopez Nov 13, 2012
Drop one and damage it your prolly looking at 10-20 grand to replace lol
Shelby Cassandra Nov 13, 2012
I like this a lot more than a cloth one.
Salvador Ortega Padilla Nov 13, 2012
A carbon-composite shit. Ridiculous scene before a sudden hailstorm.
John Serely Nov 13, 2012
I actually like the removable roof panels vs an automatic roof. The auto roof would have screwed up design
António Villas-Boas Nov 13, 2012
It's a rubbish system! Funny how we find excuses for cars we like... Lambo should learn from the 458. Yes, the Ferrari system ads a little weight but if you need that extra 3% performance you should get the coupe.
Luis Daniel Angilello Nov 13, 2012
Drop that thing on its edge and you're screwed.... Not a design for clumsy people... Then again, if you can afford the car, I'm pretty sure you can afford a couple of spare roofs
Graham Byrd Nov 13, 2012
This is by far the best approach. If a car of this caliber and price is bought, it will probably never see a cloud in the sky, and definitely not rain. As for actually giving a purpose for the trunk, well done Lamborghini. Well done.
Thibault Leroy Nov 13, 2012
It would be cool to drive with only one pannel on xD But yeah i like this design, definitly more practical than the murcielago roadster's
Salvador Ortega Padilla Nov 13, 2012
Yes! is very easy to put in a sudden storm.
Salvador Ortega Padilla Nov 13, 2012
Vaya mierda de sistema! Un coche que vale más de 300.000€ y tiene un mecanismo del siglo XIX para capotarlo. Qué ridículo y poco practico en caso de una tormenta repentina. Me quedo con el Ferrari o McLaren.
John Atnip Nov 13, 2012
So this ultra modern design is... Targa tops? I could go get an old Pontiac Firebird and do the same thing. Car still looks amazing though.
Stephen Cobbs Nov 13, 2012
@Erich you dont need to be a an owner to know about the cars.
Blake Antil Nov 13, 2012
Lamborghinis are my favorite cars but even I think this is a bad design. Though they prolly can't do any other kind of roof. It's still nice.
Michael Mitnik Nov 13, 2012
Wow amazing advancement in technology :P on a serious note most lambo roadster owners know to check weather when they go out for a drive. So if it was going to rain I'm sure they would either prepare before hand or not take the car out that day.
Lou Guerrero Nov 13, 2012
Hmm, drive faster and avoid the rain.
Adam Gray Nov 13, 2012
So I wonder how water tight those would be.
Mic Wong Nov 13, 2012
I like this design. Simple, reliable, original, beautiful, yet manageable... The only problem is unaffordable :)
Scott Lenahan Nov 13, 2012
Works for me! I'd never take it out with the roof on, so why bother even having the panels?
Stephen Cobbs Nov 13, 2012
You loss the glass cover as well. Sucks
Stephen Cobbs Nov 13, 2012
@Guo. Ferrari 458 Spider mechanism adds too much weight.
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 13, 2012
Can't even stand to finish the video. I like Ferrari's idea better.
Jimmy Case Nov 13, 2012
Hmm, looks like they took notes from a superior car, the corvette.
虎 子 Nov 14, 2012
It's not automatic ?.......
Phillip B Jong Nov 13, 2012
First time i've actually liked a convertible. Unreal execution
Thibault Leroy Nov 13, 2012
Yeah looks great!
Michael Mitnik Nov 13, 2012
Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see one in person. I loved the merci roadster and this is just as good if not better looking. Good work lambo. You made the roof kinda inconvenient but you allowed your roadster styling shine because of it.
Dillon Magee Nov 13, 2012
MissLaura Anne Nov 13, 2012
They designed the rear perfectly in accordance with the convertible !
Matt Piccolo Nov 13, 2012
Such a sexy car!! :)
Graham Byrd Nov 13, 2012
Things really are better topless...
Frederick Perez Nov 13, 2012
Nicely executed!!
MissLaura Anne Nov 13, 2012
Ohh man!
Taylor Garry Nov 13, 2012
Really liking these wheels
Matt Piccolo Nov 13, 2012