Comments - Honda Targeting Juke, Not GT86

Published: Nov 13, 2012
Description: Just as the emergency refresh of the 2013 Honda Civic makes its way toward its debut at the LA Auto Show, we're beginning to learn of some other new products that the Japanese automaker has in th...
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supra_mkiv Nov 14, 2012
The s2k was my favorite. I liked Honda in the 90s and early 2000
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 14, 2012
You all know they changed the name from Fitta to Fit, right? The reason? Fitta is swedish for c**t.
Bracey Wright Nov 13, 2012
Honda what are you doing? Look the Nissan Juke has taken on Lamborghini's, Bentley GTs, and many other sports cars and held it's own. Honestly your new Civics needs more improvement "ASAP" rather then the Fit. Make the new Civics more appealing.
Kyle Rawn Nov 13, 2012
Sadly these days it's all about profit and M/G. Something most of us performance enthusiasts will never understand.
Borphan Limthong Nov 13, 2012
Global sales vs US sales. Fit and civics sell very well outside US
Chris Gaines Nov 13, 2012
honda owns Acura... in Japan it was called the Honda nsx lol
Jordan Jackson Nov 13, 2012
Good to see Honda has their priorities straight, lol
Omair Lukmani Nov 13, 2012
Erik, Acura is building the new NSX, not Honda.
Xavier Stephens Nov 13, 2012
I have been a Honda fan for most of my life and I got say Honda has fallen short the for the pass 4 yrs.......bring back the S2000 and RSX.!!
Patrick Schalk Nov 13, 2012
Of course they are going after the Juke. Honda is a joke. They need to get their heads out of their asses.
Jimmy Williams Nov 13, 2012
**Especially in comparison to how interesting their cars were in the 80's-90's.
Jimmy Williams Nov 13, 2012
Jesus I don't get why Honda is dead set on building boring cars. The fact that they still sell while every other company moves forward boggles my mind.
John Serely Nov 13, 2012
Bye-Bye Honda! I've never been a fan of you, but now im even less of one
John Atnip Nov 13, 2012
This is kind of sad. Honda used to be such a driving force of all things automotive. Now it seems that they are content with the status quo, and aren't interested in pushing the boundaries anymore.
Erik Rudolph Nov 13, 2012
They r building a new NSX
Sasa Jungic Nov 13, 2012
Oh yeah more offroad cars that will never see mud and would get stuck I'm a field. Brilliant move Honda!! Get your head out of your a** and build new Integra, NSX, S2000...
Description: According to Autocar, Honda is aiming to build a competitor to the Nissan Juke competitor based off the next-generation Fit platform. Honda CEO Takanobu Ito confirmed to the British auto mag that deve...
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Tyler Martin Nov 15, 2012
What is with auto makers and the Juke? Nissan won't make a s16 because they think the Juke covers that market.. Yeah right. And now Honda wants to compete with it?! Very disappointing.
Description: However, Ito did rule out a direct lightweight sports coupe competitor to the Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ, stating that Honda would instead target that market niche with a new Civic Type...
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supra_mkiv Nov 14, 2012
Alex Rothers May 17, 2013
Every time I see one. I see an old lady driving 20mph.
Héctor Hex León Jan 06, 2013
One ugly ride
Raymond Reynoso Nov 16, 2012
I'd much rather be gang raped than drive this piece of crap.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 14, 2012
The juke-r looks cool tho.
Lee Cascio Nov 14, 2012
Drive one before you decide they are actually pretty fun.
Reid Huff Nov 14, 2012
I honestly like the juke. interesting styling.
Sam Biggin Nov 14, 2012
They look bad no matter how you look at it
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 14, 2012
Yes, they DO look that bad in person.
Kyle Rawn Nov 13, 2012
They actually don't look THAT bad in person.
Ray Liu Nov 13, 2012
Ugliest ever?
Shaniqua Latisha Nov 14, 2012
Austin i bet you drive one
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 14, 2012
Man what is this rally ride height, looks plain as hell.
Sam Biggin Nov 14, 2012
That looks hideous glad it's not in the uk
Bracey Wright Nov 14, 2012
Really Honda What is this? No spoiler? Look Keep the front thats the money maker. The back is to wavy and pointy. And make the rims bigger. Also go back to gages no digital! People want to see them go up. Digital should only be for hybrides.
Austin Joseph Gillentine Nov 13, 2012
Piece of trash. Ricer garbage.
ryokousha Jul 31, 2013
Adam Thomson Feb 14, 2013
This and the NSX was just awesome!
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 14, 2012
I like these with the hardtop added, looks bomb.
Sam Biggin Nov 14, 2012
This was an awesome car
Aaron Crisp Nov 14, 2012
ATV's :)
Aaron Crisp Nov 14, 2012
Only Honda I liked that's a car.. Fun factor is huge on their bikes and ATV's :)
Bracey Wright Nov 14, 2012
Stay more Focus on this. Make sports cars good and fun.
Dillon Magee Nov 13, 2012
This is what Honda should be making.
Aaron Crisp Nov 13, 2012
Only Honda I ever liked.