Comments - Jay Leno Meets the 911 Urban Outlaw

Published: Nov 12, 2012
Description: Magnus Walker has one passion in life: the Porsche 911. Known as the Urban Outlaw and the subject of a recent documentary of the same name, Walker has his own garage in downtown Los Angeles where he d...
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Colby Church Nov 12, 2012
I agree. :)
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 12, 2012
That cover pic is awsome
Description: Walker didn't bring just any old 911, though; he brought an unrestored streetable track car. Walker is also an artist and he shows just a few of the unique details that he likes to add when givin...
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Sam Hansen Nov 21, 2012
The Corvette is by no means a rival to the 911! haha
Matthew Mazzarelli Nov 13, 2012
911 is the only sports car to this that no matter what year it is, you see one and know its a Porsche. Shit my sister can even spot a 911 out of a parking lot.
Colby Church Nov 12, 2012
As the Corvette's (My favorite car) main rival and closest competitor, I have mad respect for the 911. It is a great car with heritage, performance, and character, which is why it deserves recognition. I'm a Vette guy, but the 911 is a fantastic car.
Sam Oglesby Nov 12, 2012
How long is his beard.
Mike Conrad Nov 12, 2012
CarBuzz calls him Angus Walker on this page. Looks like a spell-check typo to me.
Lou Guerrero Nov 12, 2012
Me too. Beautiful home and garage. Color me envious.
Carlton Salmon Nov 12, 2012
Saw the documentary a while back. Really interesting stuff and so different to what the other 911 resto guys like Singer are doing.
John Serely Nov 12, 2012
@calrton I completely agree
Carlton Salmon Nov 12, 2012
Doesn't get much cooler than that.
Jordan Jackson Nov 12, 2012
Loads better than a veyron IMO lol
Jay Kolvenbag Nov 12, 2012
Dat bugatti.....
John Atnip Nov 12, 2012
That is just an awesome garage!