Comments - Honda Produces Micro Commuter EV

Published: Nov 12, 2012
Description: The Smart car may have seemed anything but when it was first introduced, but these days it has plenty of imitators. Toyota has its iQ (also sold as a Scion and an Aston Martin), Renault has its Twizy,...
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Maaz Khan Nov 12, 2012
Wow the first sentence didn't even make any sense
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 15, 2012
I would like go be in the space when the designer manager agrees to this hideous car. How could someone design something so ugly and try to make money off of it.
Jordan Jackson Nov 12, 2012
I really don't get why companies continue to make ugly designs like this and call it futuristic, if that's what the future if cars looks like then I don't want to live on this planet anymore!
Cory Allen Nov 12, 2012
Where do u draw the line between car and golf cart?
Clay Williams Nov 12, 2012
And I thought the smart forto was bad but this... Is a crime against humanity.
Matt Piccolo Nov 12, 2012
God that's hideous!
Description: It's powered by an electric motor mounted in the back that can take it up to 50 mph and to a maximum range of 37 miles. Instead of conventional gauges, the Micro Commuter has a tablet that docks ...
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Michael Gallagher Nov 13, 2012
The commuter doesn't even get 50 miles? I can't even commute to school and back. Or my girlfriends and back. Where am I suppose to commute to? The end of my street? Stupid box on wheels.
Jason Brown Nov 12, 2012
Soon Chris, Northwestern has already acquired patents for new battery technology. Last year they claimed 2 times the charging speed and over 10 times the capacity. Small electronics will be first to have it then larger...
Matt Piccolo Nov 12, 2012
I agree
Aaron Crisp Nov 12, 2012
How much do they want for it? I would rather buy a 4 seater RZR and do donuts around this thing.
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 15, 2012
I think a $2,000 scooter is luxury compared to this.
Trent Humphrey Nov 12, 2012
So it's a new golf cart right?
Lou Guerrero Nov 12, 2012
I'd rather walk.
Clay Williams Nov 12, 2012
The guy inside looks miserable.
Ada Onwukaike Nov 12, 2012
It's cool for pizza car
Alexander Hellerup Christensen Nov 14, 2012
It's not an iPad, the aspect ratio is way off
Drew Humphrey Nov 12, 2012
It could be an Android tablet for all we know. Apple probably does not allow the software modifications.
Clay Williams Nov 12, 2012
I know it's not a concept but all the concepts use iPads and the fact that they put this into production is disturbing.
Austin Joseph Gillentine Nov 12, 2012
@clay it's not a concept. And why does everyone think this iPad thing is stupid? I think it's pretty freaking cool!
Jommel Marcella Nov 12, 2012
It's looks like a copy of the iPad.
Victor Takhanov Nov 12, 2012
What is this iPad thing?
Clay Williams Nov 12, 2012
Oh wow an iPad that's so innovative!!! I've never in all my days seen a concept car with an iPad!!
Ada Onwukaike Nov 12, 2012
iPad interior
Matt Piccolo Nov 12, 2012
Cool interior