Comments - Buying a GT86? Better Consult the Missus First

Published: Nov 12, 2012
Description: Toyota's return to the sports car market was lauded by men across the globe who waited patiently for years for the arrival of the the GT86 (and its American cousin, the Scion FR-S. But now that ...
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Colby Church Nov 13, 2012
Okay that was pretty funny Ted. Lol
James Buster Nov 13, 2012
@ted haha
No Pistons Nov 13, 2012
I lol'd
Hektor Yberg Nov 12, 2012
See Stephen you just LEARNED another joke
Ted Clay Nov 12, 2012
@Stephen how about this one. A man Walks into a bar with a monkey...I forgot the rest of the joke but your moms a whore
Miguel Jimenez Nov 12, 2012
@Stephen don't listen to him, Brandon thinks he's so slick and funny but in reality he sounds like an immature 13 year old.
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 12, 2012
There not a single joke you can think of that I haven't already heard
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 12, 2012
I wish scion never existed
Description: Maybe that's not a bad thing, though, as it gives guys a quick escape route out of a relationship with someone who may not understand us. Pop out for groceries and return with a new sportscar. A ...
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Dan Seehagel Nov 13, 2012
Ignorant redneck comment of the day goes to.... Michael congratulations!!!!
Michael Gallagher Nov 13, 2012
Lol, if you guys are having that much fun in that POS, hate to see what you guys do with a v6 or anything higher then that lol
Graham Young Nov 13, 2012
If my girl took a bat to my brand new car shed be next in line for a beating
James Buster Nov 13, 2012
They were pissed of because they were "selfish" cause we don't by things for them....which is bullsh*t
Tanton Stoneman Nov 12, 2012
Wow, I would leave those bitches in the dust if that happened. And by dust I mean disintegrated rubber from drifting out of my driveway.
Isaac Suarez Nov 12, 2012
Wow, holy unstable emotionally damaged goodness!!! If they leave, good riddance, Im sorry but those woman (if real) are freaken ridiculous!!! Im about to have my own turn...Im in chase of a 335i, it wont end well for me....but I move ahead anyways!!! You only live once!
Josue Sepulveda Maiz Nov 12, 2012
How can i find this on you tube :D???
Brandon Bairian Nov 12, 2012
If they only showed the their women that you could fit a set of track wheels a helmet and a gas can in the back this could have been avoided:)
Joe Cullen Nov 12, 2012
Why in the next photo do you have a irish registered car in it ?
Shelby Cassandra Nov 12, 2012
Just don't do that to your wife. She will take it in the divorce. Lol.
Saqar Khudairy Nov 12, 2012
I want to buy it now
Ray Moreno Nov 12, 2012
All types of LOLZ. Love it.
Boris Doe Nov 12, 2012
Lmao. Morale if the story= don't marry or date a girl that doesn't like/appreciate sport cars
Lou Guerrero Nov 12, 2012
Bizarre iPhone smh
Lou Guerrero Nov 12, 2012
Kinda bazaar but I see its aimed at a certain buyer
Matty Michaels Nov 12, 2012
So, if you buy the car, you'll get dumped, run around in the country in your underwear while shooting off fireworks, and all your stuff will get smashed to pieces. Sounds like a great marketing campaign!
Carlton Salmon Nov 12, 2012
Bala Uncc Nov 13, 2012
Both look the same , almost
John Serely Nov 12, 2012
I still think the BRZ looks much better. Also I am not a fan of the scion brand
David Hicks Nov 12, 2012
Those are the factory exhaust tips.
Saqar Khudairy Nov 12, 2012
My favorite of the 3
Marcus Hogan Nov 12, 2012
Ha!! The licence plate is irish!!! Unfortunately it is d for dublin. I wish it was g for galway!!!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 12, 2012
That is definitely not the stock exhaust. Unless the toyata gets bigger tips that stick out more than the other two