Comments - BMW to Unveil X4 Concept in Detroit

Published: Nov 12, 2012
Description: BMW will unveil a near-production concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January previewing a new X4 model. According to AutoWeek, high-ranking BMW officials claim the compact crossover will be positione...
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Alex Renaud Nov 13, 2012
I don't know about you guys, but I eagerly await BMW's X3.5 and X4.5 variants.
John Chase Nov 13, 2012
Worst BMW ever.
Jason Brown Nov 12, 2012
Add lucky numerals and more affordable luxury cars to the biggest potential market and you might keep global sales up. Kia is doing that for their K models.
Jason Brown Nov 12, 2012
You guys fail to realize their biggest market, the EU is rapidly shrinking so another market (China) needs to make up for the future loss in sales. Odd numbers are considered unlucky to Chinese so Even numerals makes sense.
Diana De Van Nov 12, 2012
Not a fan - too many X's in the range with all dull and heavy!
Tracy Keiser Dron Nov 12, 2012
Why??? X1,x3,x5.... Now x4??? Now u have an suv for getting groceries, one for gettin your mail, one for church..... Now one to go to the bathroom..... Ridiculous!!!!
Tyler Tarbox Nov 12, 2012
Description: Differentiating it from the X3, however, it will boast individual styling to help justify the higher price tag of around $42,000. Think of the difference between the X5 and X6 and you're likely o...
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Jason Brown Nov 12, 2012
I agree the X5 is the nicer one. My friend has the M diesel and it is a beast. The torque on it will make your head turn.
Carlton Salmon Nov 12, 2012
The only one I like is the X5 but I'm sure that they'll ruin that one as well when it comes to the design of the new one. All the others are ugly IMO.
Tyler Ray DeFord Nov 12, 2012
No they make it so you can buy one and say to all of your equally douchy friends, "oh you got the X3 did you? Well this is the X4. Therefore I'm better
Patrick Schalk Nov 12, 2012
Because this model is pointless. They take the same car, make it a little bigger, then charge out the wazoo for it.
Tifa Morsi Nov 12, 2012
Basically an X4 will be a small X6 a sport suv with X3 interior
Carlton Salmon Nov 12, 2012
Why is that, Patrick?
Patrick Schalk Nov 12, 2012
This is why I do not like BMW.
Jay Kolvenbag Nov 12, 2012
Because it's an BMW X3
Stas Allen Nov 12, 2012
Why does it say X3 on the back?
Sam McCracken Jan 02, 2013
Fuk yeah I love the 4.8 V8
Tyler Beltran Nov 14, 2012
I love this pic
Quinn Rogers Nov 12, 2012
Tyler Ray DeFord Nov 12, 2012