Comments - Toyota Developing Hybrid GT86 with KERS

Published: Nov 11, 2012
Description: There's been a lot of hype lately surrounding more powerful versions of the Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, with TRD developing a supercharger and STI going the turbo route. Both are e...
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2ndgen Nov 12, 2012
Since Mr. Tada-san is saying KERS, I doubt this is Prius hybrid tech and maybe this is wishful thinking but could this be trickle down tech from the BMW-Toyota partnership they announced a few months back. Don't they incorporate this mild version in the 5er?
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 11, 2012
Some big engines get pretty good mileage tho, just look at the vettes engines, up to 30 mpgs on the highway.
supra_mkiv Nov 11, 2012
they just use turbos now to get more power. Can't completely blame the car designers though this is what the government wants more fuel efficiency right?
supra_mkiv Nov 11, 2012
besides the hybrid evolution thing going on now I am also disappointed how there are less v12s and v10s being produced
Patrick Schalk Nov 11, 2012
I see Matt is still living a fantasy land.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 11, 2012
I can't type for shit.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 11, 2012
Hybrid proves japanese cars goin down hill.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 11, 2012
Patricks right hondas have no soul and this Toyota being turned into a h
Jack Howard Nov 11, 2012
The Crz is the only hybrid with a manual
Dave Larby Nov 11, 2012
I'd also imagine that KERS would probably only be available on auto equipped models!! Unless they link the system in to say the throttle position sensor.
Dave Larby Nov 11, 2012
I personally would prefer a more powerful n/a motor, so that the character of the car is retained... Something around 250bhp/210lbft should do it!! Just enough to wake it up a bit.
Michael Page Nov 11, 2012
I like this idea. The KERS is not like a Prius. It just stores the brake energy short term, you (hopefully) can use it instead of first gear to boost mpg's, or choose to use it with gas to accelerate faster with a button.
No Pistons Nov 11, 2012
And Honda isnt really competing with much in its classes.
No Pistons Nov 11, 2012
I'm sorry but name one sports car they have currently in their line up? Or even RWD. Honda lost their purist soul after their drop out in F1 V V
Matt Piccolo Nov 11, 2012
How is Honda soulless... They may not have a high end sports at but they have some of if not the most enjoyable family cars on the road... All their cars are near the top or on top of all their classes in driving dynamics
Patrick Schalk Nov 11, 2012
How expensive would this car be if they integrated that technology? It can't be cheap. AND Honda is the most souless garbage on the road right now. This does NOT need to follow the CRZ because that thing was a HUGE fail.
Stas Allen Nov 11, 2012
WHERE ARE THE POLLS!!!! I can't see them!
Jack Howard Nov 11, 2012
Yeah Toyota, F1 doesn't know what the hell they are doing! They might as well be a Prius! Why would you take technology from F1 and use it in a GT86?
Jordan Smith Nov 11, 2012
Yeah. This is supposed to be a PURISTS car. Why the hell do you want to make it a hybrid?
Isaac Suarez Nov 11, 2012
Mr. Tada, get your head out your butt and grow a pair!!! Those comments you made made me vomit! Its a sports car not a Puris! The whole reason you built the dang car was because your complete lineup is soulless per senior management. This is what makes me sick and tired of the auto industry...commit or get the heck out of the way. Im not paying 25k for a half ass approach. Im about to give up and ...
Dave Larby Nov 11, 2012
I'm not sure this is a good move... The GT86/FR-S is all about handling, I'm pretty sure throwing heavy batteries and motors at it will mess this up. I doubt it was originally designed to have this kind of system, so integrating it will be difficult, and will more than likely throw the balance off.
Shawn Coey Nov 11, 2012
It's a sports car, not a mpg machine. Make it as fast and as light as possible. Period. If I want a hybrid, I'll buy a prius and promtly hand over my man card at the same time. Don't ruin something great by only half commiting to it. Finish what you started and add some boost.
Bryan Morell Nov 11, 2012
hybrid/electric systems are known to be generous in the torque department and since the current model only has 151 ft/lbs it wouldn't be a bad idea. It would be nice to see that number increase significantly.
Ethan Amo Nov 11, 2012
If they could make a system like Hondas sports-hybrid system and keep a manual transmission, I'm all I'm..just make it fast
Description: In a new report coming from Top Gear, Tetsuya Tada, chief engineer for the Toyota GT-86/FR-S, stated that "I think 300 hp with a turbo and 200g/km of C02 would be tasteless in this day an...
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Zach Range Nov 14, 2012
It's gonna be a super heavy weighted down version without the same's gonna be the old persons version....instead if buyin a gay ass Prius I'm gonna go buy the hybrid FR-S....
Stephen D Nov 12, 2012
Hybrid sports cars are stupid bottom line, the people that actually buy sports cars don't want them. Toyota is definitely pandering to the wrong crowd. Environmentalist don't care about driving fast and car enthusiasts don't want slow heavy hybrids
Danny Scott Nov 12, 2012
Either way I see it coming out as a more expensive, heavier version than the Sti or supercharged scion version. Which kinda gets away from the reasons behind this car.
Colby Church Nov 12, 2012
And Scion could call it the "FR-S R". And Brandon, just FYI, with the exception of my abbreviations and intentional slang, I spell very well and always use correct grammar, so don't take all of the glory there hotshot.
Colby Church Nov 12, 2012
Imagine.... Here goes.... 400 hp in this bad boy. The "Toyota GT-86 S" Ehhh? That would be a freaking fast car, and Toyota could actually brag a little.
Stephen D Nov 12, 2012
@ Brandon I find it funny that you criticize grammar when you can't even spell. Obviously you can't read well either because the article clearly states the differences of the future models
Brent McCauley Nov 12, 2012
Agree with Steve. Toyota is a shotty car company that evolves around corollas. Subaru on the other hand designed this whole car mechanically from day one and of course Toyota will put their own crappy hybrid in this, defeating the purpose of the car.
Ben Norton Nov 11, 2012
Right, but both companies seem to be going different ways with the power adders, and it doesn't seem that Subaru will have hybrid tech in theirs
Stephen D Nov 11, 2012
Toyota thinks a 300hp turbo is tasteless? A heavy hybrid trying to be a sports car that's tasteless. God bless Subaru!!! Toyota should stick to there pussy ass prius
Edgar Jauregui Nov 11, 2012
so the weight and balance of the car isn't ruined.
Edgar Jauregui Nov 11, 2012
I disagree with his comment. A 300 hp, 2700lb, rwd coupe sounds the complete opposite of tasteless. The KERS doesn't sound bad either though, it could be better too... but I think the price would be bumped way up. It would have to be done well too,
Paul Brodrecht Nov 11, 2012
What a joke the second hybrid comes into the equation true sportyness leaves. The idea of the fr-s is a low cost light weight sport coupe. Not a heavy hybrid 2 door sedan!
Judah Lindvall Nov 11, 2012
300hp would actually be VERY nice lol
Borphan Limthong Nov 11, 2012
He has been eating too much tofu.
Chris Huff Nov 11, 2012
As long as its not a prius/chevy volt then go on ahead
Description: The hybrid FR-S would likely retain its powertrain, but add the KERS system on top of it. The upshot would be the extra on-demand muscle, but such a system would inevitably carry more heft - something...
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Scotty MacPherson Nov 23, 2012
still wouldnt trade my taco for it.