Comments - Run For Your Life! Backwards!

Published: Nov 11, 2012
Description: Drivers are faced with split-second decisions all the time. Hit the brakes or accelerate through. Swerve to avoid an obstacle or brace for impact. Swing through the drive-through for another donut or ...
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Description: The driver on whose dashboard the camera was mounted was driving up the same incline when the truck broke free, heading straight for him like a runaway train. His decision to shift into reverse (or po...
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Cindy Ngo Feb 09, 2013
Chain:escaped. Driver:safe
Cindy Ngo Jan 15, 2013
MissLaura Anne Nov 13, 2012
Bhaha the guy on the scooter just completed that scene. For real though that's some great reaction time.
Colby Church Nov 12, 2012
Ha, scooter guy is lucky that crane didn't mow him down. Must've been scary. But the driver made a good split decision.
Aaron Crisp Nov 12, 2012
And that guy in the scooter was probably screaming "YOLO" in Korean and dragged some knee to avoid the crane.
Aaron Crisp Nov 12, 2012
They were busy dancing to Gangnam Style.
Zachary Maurer Nov 11, 2012
A good Asian driver?!?!?!? Lol they don't teach us how to drive like that in drivers Ed!
Trent Richard Benham Nov 11, 2012
Mean while in South Korea...
Sam Oglesby Nov 11, 2012
And that kids is why you don't use a crane on a hill
Bill Estep Jr Nov 11, 2012
Thought u would of seen guys running when the truck crossed the intersection I bet that guy in the car goin oh shit oh shit not today. That would be some story to tell ur friends
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 11, 2012
Resident evil????!!!
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 11, 2012
For real tho, that shit was nice.
Carlton Salmon Nov 11, 2012
He was very fortunate no-one was behind him when he reversed.
Freddie Ibarra Nov 11, 2012
The guy with the scooter :D Lol
Michael Dunn Nov 11, 2012
Nice driving
Robert Dixon Nov 11, 2012
Driver Got Skills..
Logan Delony Nov 11, 2012
Like a boss!