Comments - Mercedes Celebrates 30 Years of the Baby Benz

Published: Nov 11, 2012
Description: With a wide array of models varying in size, shape and style, Mercedes-Benz today covers more segments and niches than we could shake an aluminum-alloy stick at. But that wasn't always the case. ...
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Description: Determined to reach a broader market, Mercedes introduced the 190 series in 1982. Later replaced by the C-Class, the 190 was the first "baby Benz", and now celebrates its 30th anniversary. T...
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Victor Pitts Nov 12, 2012
In love :) looks like my baby Benz!
Ron Vinson Nov 11, 2012
Love this car
Thibault Leroy Nov 11, 2012
Haha nice one xD
Lee Gardner Nov 11, 2012
@daniel lol
Daniel Eads Nov 11, 2012
Only one thing came to mind when I saw the license plate.
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Jan 26, 2013
Love it!!!!!!!!!
Sam Hansen Nov 21, 2012
Halt! Hammerziet!
Lou Guerrero Nov 11, 2012
Ze hamma!
Benni Serious Nov 12, 2012
As far as i know it was possible to order the evoII with a smaller wing.
Chad Schley Nov 12, 2012
This is actually the Evo II. The first Evo of the 2.3-16 was more mild, it didn't have the large rear wing or the 6 spoke wheels. My family has a 1987 2.3-16 US speck and its a great little car. With only 180 hp it still moves around nicely.
Michael Davidson Nov 12, 2012
The guy from Wheeler Dealers got one for like 5000 pounds.
Lou Guerrero Nov 11, 2012
Lol @ carlton. These final evo models are incredible
Sam Oglesby Nov 11, 2012
Eh what about the clk gtr
Ryan Patrick Clauson Nov 11, 2012
My favorite Benz of all time
Carlton Salmon Nov 11, 2012
Great cars and as rare as rocking horse droppings.
Ben Norton Nov 11, 2012
Thanks Kyle! It reminds me of the Lotus Carlton
Kyle McCullough Nov 11, 2012
And, it's awesome in forza 4
Kyle McCullough Nov 11, 2012
@Ben: it is the Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evolution. Cosworth helped with the engine. It's a homologation car basically
Thibault Leroy Nov 11, 2012
Love these
Ben Norton Nov 11, 2012
What is this model? It looks incredible!
Jay Kolvenbag Nov 11, 2012
Awesome, have seen this once at the parking garage of the mercedes museum, sadly it was covered up
Lee Gardner Nov 11, 2012
Me gusta