Comments - Block Keeps Driving After His Fiesta Catches Fire

Published: Nov 11, 2012
Description: Most people would probably stop driving if their car caught fire. But in this and so many other ways, Ken Block is not most people. In this latest video from the Hoonigan himself, Block is seen racing...
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Sam Oglesby Nov 11, 2012
Your a bit behind the times aren't you
Description: The drifting guru might have kept going if the fire hadn't entirely melted the center console, forcing Block to jump out and extinguish the blaze. Fortunately he walked away from the incident unh...
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Lawrence McCue Nov 15, 2012
I like Block. But I'm sorry this is just childish. In all driver briefings before the race, safety is the most important topic. If his car had blown up and hurt someone, would some of you still be praising this stupidity?
Marko Caldwell Nov 14, 2012
Well it is a fiesta....
Steven Cheng Nov 12, 2012
@Brandon LOL
Steven Cheng Nov 12, 2012
He rocks!!!
Aaron Crisp Nov 12, 2012
@Barry I cunt hear you!
Byakka Hirakawa Nov 12, 2012
Probly due to all that hot air ken exhausts! Lol
Barry Boo Wilson Nov 11, 2012
Huh? Twat did you try to say?
Sam Oglesby Nov 11, 2012
The reason it caught fire in the first place was they ran it so it produced big flames out the exhaust and the fans liked that then the flames started in the middle ken didn't like that
John Wyatt Rosenberg I Nov 11, 2012
Should've stuck with the Subaru.
No Pistons Nov 11, 2012
Boss status!! Ken you crazy MF
Daniel Eads Nov 11, 2012
The reason he went on was he thought the fire was just the central heating.
Jack Howard Nov 11, 2012
But Tanner I'd more patriotic and less of a douche and seeks less fame
Michael Dunn Nov 11, 2012
Like a boss!
Dale Schroeder Nov 12, 2012
Cool guys don't look at explosions.
Connor Kew Nov 12, 2012
rly the flames are on the otherside of the femce