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Published: Nov 11, 2012
Description: Once a bastion of niche carmakers, Britain's auto industry has been scooped up piecemeal by foreign investors. Bentley is owned by the Volkswagen Group, Rolls-Royce and Mini by BMW, Lotus by Mala...
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Chris Penza Nov 11, 2012
Proton is the worst owner ever...
Tyler Tarbox Nov 12, 2012
It's not completely bland it's just not as exciting as the new one
Colby Church Nov 12, 2012
I prefer the looks of the Vantage to the Vanquish.
Dylan Bruder Nov 11, 2012
This is in no way bland
Tyler Tarbox Nov 11, 2012
The new vanquish is such an improvement over this bland old thing
Craig Lafey Nov 11, 2012
Love the Vanquish.
Description: According to BloombergBusinessweek, Aston's majority shareholder Investment Dar is looking to offload its shares in the British automaker. The question is who would be interested in buying. As th...
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Description: The Kuwaiti company, however, is in the midst of restructuring its assets, compelling it to divest (much like Ford did in 2007) itself of its interests in Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. According to the re...
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Mark Ifill-Haney Nov 13, 2012
If Toyota gets a 64% stake in Aston Martin, wouldn't that still mean that Toyota would get an input on AM's designs? If that's true, then it's done for.
Colby Church Nov 13, 2012
Thank you Kiisia.
Kiisia Markussen Nov 13, 2012
Nice comments antonio and colby. I agree with you.
Dale Schroeder Nov 12, 2012
Given the two choices, I would hope for Toyota just because they're swimming in cash and can properly support an expensive luxury marque like Aston Martin as an actual carmaker.
Matthew Darius Razavian Nov 12, 2012
This actually is potentially a great thing for Aston, Toyota is a superpower and being backed by that means more funding, right?
Colby Church Nov 12, 2012
Same with all of the others. (Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lotus, etc.) Aston will do the same as it always has with the same people, but since it is Toyota or whoever's funding, they must approve the models that Aston wants to produce. Relax guys...
Colby Church Nov 12, 2012
Attention everyone: The Aston Martin design team and company will have the same people it always has, designing the same types of cars. Toyota taking ownership does not mean that they start designing Astons. They only approve Aston's designs.
António Villas-Boas Nov 12, 2012
...and the reason Aston and Toyota did the Cygnet was to lower the average emissions of Aston for regulations reason and avoid big fines. If Toyota owns them they no longer need that, they will average with all those hybrid Toyotas.
António Villas-Boas Nov 12, 2012
Everyone said BMW would destroy Rolls-Royce and VW would destroy Bentley and Lamborghini... They never had the build quality they now have. Toyota could do the same for Aston, they desperately need build quality to go with those amazing designs.
Nodnarb Ydil Nov 12, 2012
Lou has the right idea. Toyota is one of the largest manufacturers and that will allow Aston a large sum to use themselves
Lou Guerrero Nov 11, 2012
I don't mind Toyota. These are business people. They know if they mess with the Aston recipe they won't sell and Toyota has loads of money to keep them around.
Clay Williams Nov 11, 2012
The fact that they made the Cygnet is bad enough but a full blown take over would be devastating.
Chris Penza Nov 11, 2012
If Toyota buys them they'll turn into souless boring hybrid piles of sh*t
Quinn Rogers Nov 11, 2012
But remember Toyota built the LFA (Toyota and Lexus are basically the same thing)
Edgar Jauregui Nov 11, 2012
I think Toyota should buy Aston if they promise not to make more cygnet follow-ups. With both engineering groups however, they could make great cars. Lexus and Aston working together doesn't sound so bad. Besides, toyota has MONEY, which Aston needs
Stas Allen Nov 11, 2012
Not Toyota! Please!
Sam Oglesby Nov 11, 2012
I think they should sell them the shares in 2 halves so no one will own it
Thibault Leroy Nov 11, 2012
If it had to be between the two i would want toyora to buy them
Paul Dickey Nov 11, 2012
This makes me nervous.
Alex Smith Nov 14, 2012
I think I just died a little inside
Augie Schroer Nov 12, 2012
Worst Aston Martin there is
Zaire Wilkins Nov 11, 2012
Yuck (2 chainz voice)
Justin Mancuso Nov 11, 2012
I love this car,especially because its so much stuff in a little car,and it looks cool imo.
Clay Williams Nov 11, 2012
If Toyota buys Aston they'll make the new DB9 based on a Camry, and a vanquish based on a corolla. And they'll both cost over $150,000
Chris Penza Nov 11, 2012
Yeah, and this will be the new face of Aston if Toyota buys them
Austin Bride Nov 11, 2012
Such a joke
Description: Toyota has reportedly undertaken a week-long study to evaluate the prospect of buying Aston Martin, but has yet to announce any further steps. The one stumbling block either potential suitor could be ...
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Xavier Mangubat Nov 12, 2012
I mean "think"
Xavier Mangubat Nov 12, 2012
I don't think toyota should buy Aston because I don't thick they can handle Aston Martin. Aston should go to a company that can handle them properly
Zaire Wilkins Nov 11, 2012
i feel like aston should get under the nissan umbrella but toyota is just as good for them
Matt Piccolo Nov 11, 2012
This would b interesting if Toyota did this... It would either REALLY help Toyota, or kill Aston....
Jacob Burford Nov 23, 2012
The only Lexus like. Although I would rather have the new Vanquish.
Mark Ifill-Haney Nov 13, 2012
I wouldn't mind having a One-77/LFA supercar mix... But I'm just worried about Toyota's recalls.
Alex Mabbott Nov 12, 2012
I would take this over any Aston any day.
Justin Mancuso Nov 11, 2012
Lol his helmet touches the roof
Clay Williams Nov 11, 2012
Just imagine an Aston simple and half the price tag and you'll be able to see into the future.
Austin Bride Nov 11, 2012
I'd take the one-77 over nearly anything. Just pure beauty
Jackson Bond Nov 11, 2012
I'd take an Aston over any other super car, but I'm a little obligated to. I'd rather have the original db5 in rhd format
Logan Delony Nov 11, 2012
A one-77?! But I must agree the Lfa is beautiful and would be very reliable
Matt Piccolo Nov 11, 2012
Beauty! Honestly, I'd take this over any Aston!!
Erik Rudolph Nov 11, 2012
Mahindra verito it's an Indian car
Kyle McCullough Nov 11, 2012
What the hell is this abomination?