Comments - 5 Epic Car Jump Fails

Published: Nov 10, 2012
Description: There are two types of car-jumping videos. The first type is the win. These usually feature epic feats of lower body strength and a ton of editing. The second type of car-jumping viral is the fail. T...
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Description: Even if all of these fails are staged, they're still hilarious. What's even better is that these guys break not one, but two car windshields over the course of the clip.
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David Silva Nov 11, 2012
I watched this saying "what idiots" but for some odd reason I tempted to try lol
Michael Beach Nov 10, 2012
21st century Darwinism
Timothy Hooker Nov 10, 2012
I broke my collarbone falling off my way id risk this
Emmanuel Keepnumotivated Rutledge Nov 10, 2012
Damn!! Those guys are really idiots!!
Donte Perino Nov 10, 2012
Description: This video proves that jumping over a Saturn is not nearly as easy as it looks. Gaming gearheads will appreciate this clip more than most thanks to its inclusion of classic "Mortal Kombat" a...
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Dominique Byrd Nov 13, 2012
>.< Enough I'm Done.., hahaha
Keanu Casado Nov 11, 2012
Dashiexp is the video game character. Look for him on YouTube
Alex Renaud Nov 11, 2012
This video was clearly made by stoners, for the viewing pleasure of stoners.
Shawn Sullivan Nov 10, 2012
Holy crap that was hilarious!
Michael Dunn Nov 10, 2012
Funny shit
Aj White Nov 10, 2012
That was funny as shit!!
Joseph Flieder Nov 10, 2012
Yeah kind dumb
Jon Dustin House Nov 10, 2012
That was annoying.
Description: This guy was technically trying to jump onto a moving car, but the epicness of his fail warrants a spot on this list. Granted, jumping onto the roof of a moving car probably isn't easy, but it se...
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David Silva Nov 11, 2012
Did anyone else notice the creeper in the back watch and then go inside his "house" when the kid fell lol
Byakka Hirakawa Nov 11, 2012
That neons totaled now, lmao
Byakka Hirakawa Nov 11, 2012
Somebody get that kid some pussy cream for his cuts!!
Jesse Andersen Nov 10, 2012
Just another day in the trailer park with son n pa jumpin cars on meth n moonshine.
Jason O'Brien Nov 10, 2012
Trailer park kids. Next they'll be filming wrestling with crocodiles
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Nov 10, 2012
Its funny how that guy thinks hes cool with his cigarette lol
Tin Nguyen Nov 10, 2012
No brain.
Daniel Bellafonte Nov 10, 2012
This is basically the same as stepping off of a bus when it's still moving, you will lose your balance even if it's moving fairly slow.
Skylar Drake Nov 10, 2012
Kid Rock cruising in a hydro gloss neon?
Description: Chances are that you've already seen this video of 19-year-old Bladimir Barreto attempting to jump a car. The stunt, performed to impress college recruiters, ended up going terribly awry. Those w...
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David Justice Nov 10, 2012
@Antonio, LOL!!!!
Donald Chip Schofield Nov 10, 2012
What a stupid kid
Judah Lindvall Nov 10, 2012
And how is that supposed to impress recruiters even if done successfully?
Tin Nguyen Nov 10, 2012
Ouch. I feel bad for the car. Lol
Antonio Falsetti Nov 10, 2012
Did another car hit the camera man?
Description: If you're still trying to wash out the bad taste in your mouth from the last video, this clip should do the trick. Why anyone would try to jump a police Suburban while running from the law is an...
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Dominique Byrd Nov 13, 2012
Everybody isn't meant to be Ninjas -*-
omarSV Nov 11, 2012
he had the whole street to run down and he chose to jump a car? epic fail
Douglas Bailey Nov 11, 2012
At the end, did the reporter say his name was 'Major Has-been'?
Rene Tshiteya Nov 11, 2012
Missed to jump over the truck and got his ass slammed
Jesse Andersen Nov 10, 2012
Pepper spray makes you think you can jump burbans?
Aaron Kodra Nov 10, 2012
Anybody else think its funny that in each video it's only guys attempting stunts?
Michael Dunn Nov 10, 2012
Hhahahahahhahahahahhaha that's so funny
Tyler Tarbox Nov 10, 2012
@Jorge. Haha yeah he should be playing linebacker
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 10, 2012
The cops in the wrong profession man, he sacked that kid.
Terrance Parker Nov 10, 2012
How many bones did he break!!! And did he knock some since into his head?
Kenneth Wayne Brown II Nov 10, 2012
Oh boi
Tyler Tarbox Nov 10, 2012
Was his plan to get up there and then start jumping car to car? Lol
Joseph Flieder Nov 10, 2012
Lol it made my we too
Ryan Spencer Nov 10, 2012
Ryan Spencer Nov 10, 2012
Ahahahahaha! This just made my week.
Donte Perino Nov 10, 2012
Max Jabaay Nov 10, 2012
that cop destroyed that kid!
Zeus Mocha Nov 10, 2012
Skylar Drake Nov 10, 2012
That was a power tackle...
Timothy Hooker Nov 10, 2012