Comments - 4 BMW Donut Fails

Published: Nov 10, 2012
Description: Filming yourself doing a donut can be a very dangerous thing. On the one hand, if you succeed, all you have is a video of yourself destroying your tires. If you fail, and there's a serious chance...
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Description: There are few things worse than blowing your engine while attempting to do a donut. That pain is magnified when you blow the engine on your Series M.
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Lou Guerrero Nov 12, 2012
Sounds like he starved it and had bearing failure
Colby Church Nov 11, 2012
Ultimate driving machine my ass. Ha
Colby Church Nov 11, 2012
Lol @ Harrison
Harrison Trapnell Nov 10, 2012
@Victor Thats what she said :D
Serge Pankratov Nov 10, 2012
E36s do donuts better than most cars out there! This thing musthave been killed long before the engine blew!
David Parenti Nov 10, 2012
That thing barely did a donut on wet pavement...
Victor Pitts Nov 10, 2012
You're doing it wrong!
Seth Pettman Nov 10, 2012
Oh wow that sucks lol
Description: This isn't a huge donut fail, but it's always funny to watch a BMW driver try to push his ultimate driving machine out of a ditch. Lesson learned: Don't attempt donuts on a frozen parki...
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Description: One of the biggest BMW donut fails of all time is shown in this video. This guy is lucky that his yellow Bimmer didn't run him down.
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John Garcia Nov 12, 2012
Why are so many dumb people in the world? So us smarter people have something to laugh at.
Lou Guerrero Nov 12, 2012
Buckle up kids
Elijah Chet Roseberry Nov 10, 2012
Did he just do the Bernie after getting tanked by that car?!
Derrick McCarthy Nov 10, 2012
I don't think it's a "pimp stroll" but rather him stretching back as to say ouch my fuc$&ng back hurts from the car hitting it. As you can tell by how he acts when the person goes up to him.
Ryan Spencer Nov 10, 2012
The world would be better if it did...
Jay Garcia Nov 10, 2012
Lmfao why would he do this ...... !
Joel Sanchez Nov 10, 2012
Why they are so many dumb people in the world?... Lol... The "I'm cool move" as he walks away, is hilarious.
Seth Pettman Nov 10, 2012
Love how he gets up n walks away all cool hahaha
Description: Doing a donut in a BMW on a hill is a bad, bad idea. Although you've got to love the crowd cheering and laughing after the car flips onto its roof.
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Carlton Salmon Nov 11, 2012
It looked like a really nice car before he ruined it.
Logan Delony Nov 10, 2012
@ Paul, if they could handle that
Paul Brodrecht Nov 10, 2012
These idiots should be in a civic, maybe then they could handle all 100 horse power
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Nov 10, 2012
That was the stupidest thing ive ever seen
Michael Davidson Nov 10, 2012
And that is winning.
Stephen Ishard Nov 10, 2012
And this is how you do it right