Comments - WRX Special Editions Debut at SEMA

Published: Nov 01, 2012
Description: With SEMA and Halloween conveniently coinciding, Subaru evidently felt the timing was perfect to reveal a pair of customized models in the form of "Orange and Black" WRX and WRX STI special ...
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Gabriel Scott Nov 06, 2012
STi Looks sick in orange
Brandon Bairian Nov 02, 2012
Thanks , SOA. Go gargle on stale douche juice
Brandon Bairian Nov 02, 2012
Halloweens over . Man japan and uk get s206, spec c , prodrives, wr1's ... And we get dis sh!t. We got the trick they get the treat
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 01, 2012
Ah yess the ol one finger salut.
Nick Benz Nov 01, 2012
Haha matt i loled
Matt Sutton Nov 01, 2012
Can a brotha at least get a sunroof on the sti? How else should i give a one finger wave to the riced out honda behind me?
Dylan Bruder Nov 01, 2012
Looks good to me
Nick Sti Nov 01, 2012
No. Just no. These need to be Satin white pearl, spark silver metallic, or world rally blue
Description: Inside, the special edition WRX receives a dark interior trim taken from the STI line, along with a black headliner, orange-trimmed floor mats, and orange stitching on the seats, door panels, floor ma...
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Aaron Crisp Nov 02, 2012
AWD makes great for the snow!
William Downs Nov 01, 2012
They handle it like its the black top, there street legal rally cars
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Nov 01, 2012
They are AWD road rally cars im sure theyre fine in the snow
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
They are everywhere in Colorado if that gives you any indication of how good they are in snow
Matt Sutton Nov 01, 2012
Quick question for the group: how do the sti's hold up in snow?
Aaron Crisp Nov 02, 2012
One does not simply ask what mob means.
David Guerrero Nov 01, 2012
Mob that? WTF does that mean?
Alex Medvedev Nov 01, 2012
I would mob that
Garrett Keller Nov 01, 2012
This car is quite lovely, but I'm looking forward to the new wrx/sti on its way
Tim Puckett Nov 01, 2012
Erm why does it have three pedals? Haha (sarcasm)