Comments - Lingenfelter Debuts LTA Camaro Convertible

Published: Nov 01, 2012
Description: The production version of the LTA Camaro concept Lingenfelter previewed three years ago has been unveiled in convertible production form at the 2012 SEMA show prior to its limited release. Developed a...
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tylergrandstaff Dec 03, 2012
Vince your a stupid a$$.
Justin Davis Nov 17, 2012
Ugly! Well kind of.
Terrance Parker Nov 02, 2012
I think a cleaner more aerodynamically effective face would fave still got the point across and looked better.
Vince DeMasi Nov 02, 2012
I wish they dropped GMC I barely see those on the road, I see Pontiac's everywhere! I own a trans am and it's fantastic, I wish they made new trans am's just not this style. Trans am depot makes better kits
Greg Lewis Nov 01, 2012
Where is the GTO kit? The TA kit is great, but I'd got the camaro over the challenger if they had that kit out. Within the next year I'm upgrading to a srt8 unless the goat make a comeback (even if it is a camaro in disguise)
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
Not diggin the front but I bet this thing is fast as hell.
Anthony Sanderson Nov 01, 2012
I miss real trans ams
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Nov 01, 2012
Lol thats terrible
Sam Macon Nov 01, 2012
Pontiac Trans Am Concept? Phhhss
Demond Watkins Nov 01, 2012
Not sure if I like the grill looks over the top not a tru retro type design idk bout that one.
Lou Guerrero Nov 01, 2012
Looks like they tried hard to get it right but just doesn't work.
Clay Williams Nov 01, 2012
This is the worst looking Pontiac imitation I've ever seen. It was a good idea cut terribly executed.
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 01, 2012
Pontiac? Is that you
Brian Johnston Nov 01, 2012
So why not make a new Buick gran national or a 442
David Parenti Nov 01, 2012
If anything, this car and others like it should prove just how much the consumer wants Pontiac back. Going as far as converting a Camaro to look like a Pontiac product.... Come on Pontiac.
Kyle McCullough Nov 01, 2012
Dylan's right. As an owner of both a Buick regal GS and a Pontiac grand am, I say screw gmc. Keep Buick and revive pontiac
David Parenti Nov 01, 2012
The Chinese love to look posh in our Buicks
Dylan Bruder Nov 01, 2012
Buick is here because china is buying Buicks like hot cakes I would have chosen gmc to go myself but with the profits coming from china there was no way Buick was leaving I miss Pontiac too
Shelby Cassandra Nov 01, 2012
The TAM one looks nicer.
Trey Villarreal Nov 01, 2012
It looks like a plastic toy car.
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 01, 2012
I like G8. GM should bring it back at least.
Gurjit Singh Nov 01, 2012
looks like shit
Ryan Rainville Nov 01, 2012
Don't really like it
David Parenti Nov 01, 2012
Yeah unfortunately. Pontiac was geared towards performance and Buick towards luxury. GM canned performance and stuck with luxury. Catered to the old farts and screwed the car guys.
Nathan Curtis Nov 01, 2012
Yes, dumb decision that they made. There are other pointless companies they could get rid of like Buick or even GMC. Or just not cut them out at all.
David Parenti Nov 01, 2012
The Firebird re-creation featured in Hot Rod Magazine looks so much better than this.
Brian Ball Nov 01, 2012
Absolutely beautiful!! Always loved the '70s Trans Am Blue/White paint scheme. Add the front deck lid and the AWESOME honeycomb wheels, stunning! The only problem I find( for myself) will be pricing, since this will be done by Lingenfelter and not GM
David Parenti Nov 01, 2012
Cool idea, poorly executed. Hate the fender scoop things, the fog lights, the baby blue interior, and I've seen better versions of the honeycomb wheels recreated.
Description: Elements that have been redesigned for the production model include new taillights, decklid and 20-inch honeycomb wheels. "Due to overwhelming response after displaying conceptual versions of the...
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Description: Customers will have a choice of three states of tune, the most extreme of which is the Level 3 LTA that packs a 7.5-liter V8 good for 655 horsepower and 610 pound-feet of torque. The engine boasts hig...
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Vince DeMasi Nov 02, 2012
*457cu in
Vince DeMasi Nov 02, 2012
This is true all you have to do is get the right suspension and tires and its staying on the ground! But damn that's a 456cu in I would freakin love to squeeze that engine in my Trans Am
William Downs Nov 01, 2012
Love when people who apparently don't know what there talking about spit there lies and guesses, just because it has a big engine doesn't mean it can't handle, engine size does not dictate handling get your fact in order and correct
Dylan Bruder Nov 01, 2012
The z06 has a 7.0 and the viper has an 8.4 look at them go
Michael Beach Nov 01, 2012
A 7.5L kills any hope of handling
Shelby Cassandra Nov 01, 2012
It sounds like it would be pretty fun to drive!
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
Damn I'd love to get my hands on that engine.
Walter Robinson Nov 03, 2012
Bags under the eyes much?
Byakka Hirakawa Nov 01, 2012
Blue white blue white Red brakes
Aaron Cordroch Nov 01, 2012
Hot wheels leading the way...
Nick Schnee Nov 01, 2012
Looks like a Dodge now... Not bad.
Dillon Dixon Nov 01, 2012
This looks great! Very clean
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Nov 01, 2012
I do too for some reason.
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
Really like the rear.
Connor Scanlon Nov 02, 2012
David Parenti Nov 02, 2012
It looks kinda cool because its a recreation of the old. But I think I would prefer black
Terrance Parker Nov 02, 2012
It took me a minute to figure out what they were going for with this look.
Randy Reppert Nov 02, 2012
You guys have done a great job. Hats off to you.
Greg Lewis Nov 01, 2012
Love the retro look. Hats off to detail, not just power!
Darren Nardo Nov 01, 2012
That's how most interiors looked in the 70s David! Lol!!! They did a good job with the color!
Dillon Dixon Nov 01, 2012
Actually, I really like it. If they were shaped like the old school buckets then it would be perfect
David Parenti Nov 01, 2012
Supposed to look retro, that upholstery looks like it belongs on a carnival ride.
Julian Rasolko Nov 16, 2012
@John totally agree
John Chase Nov 02, 2012
Those rims have got to go.