Comments - Karmas Ignite After Hurricane Floods Newark Port

Published: Nov 01, 2012
Description: The storm may be over, but it will take a long time before the full scope of the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy can be fully assessed. You can bet, though, that cars will have taken a large share...
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James Buster Nov 02, 2012
Karma's a bitch
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
That's why if I bought one I'd shove a big ass Hemi or LS in it.
John Atnip Nov 01, 2012
It's a shame that such nice looking cars are such overpriced pieces of junk. I mean really? This makes like what, 20 of these things that have burst into flames? It's just sad. Proof that electric vehicles are not ready for the market.
William Downs Nov 01, 2012
Safe to say that's not a reliable car anymore
Aaron Crisp Nov 01, 2012
Hey, I sent this tip in too! Sweet.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 01, 2012
I would be scared to even park it in my garage. It might leave me homeless.
Sebastian Grey Nov 01, 2012
After reading this article I have a picture in my mind of gale force winds and sheets of rain and amid the dark wetness, burning pyres of Karmas, their flames to hot for the hurricane to douse. And children huddled around their corpses for warmth.
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 01, 2012
These cars always catch a fire.
Matt Sutton Nov 01, 2012
That storm was vicious. I was spared, but the shore was ripped apart. So many nice cars were lost.
George Lynch Nov 01, 2012
that storm suck I got my power back on yesterday
Nick Schnee Nov 01, 2012
AGAIN XD How many % of all Karmas built durned down already? Like 70?
Lee Cascio Nov 05, 2012
LOL wow thank god tax payers gave fisker so much money to fund this pile of burnt scrap.
Christian Quinones Nov 02, 2012
Fisker Karma=$100,000 junk
Tyler Chess Nov 02, 2012
They have to realize what a issue this is
Alex Medvedev Nov 01, 2012
Best time to buy
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 01, 2012
Good looking junk
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 01, 2012
I would hate to be caught in a drizzle with one of these.
Matty Michaels Nov 01, 2012
That is a ton of Sparks!
Taylor Garry Nov 01, 2012
That looks hilarious. What a fail
Charlie Austin Nov 01, 2012
Such a good looking car.. It's a shame they didn't put a real engine in it
Sam Oglesby Nov 01, 2012
Damn 3 survived
Description: A couple dozen new Karmas were being stored at the Port of Newark when the hurricane hit, submerging the cars under water. That would be enough to ruin them right there, but when the waters receded, t...
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Nodnarb Ydil Nov 01, 2012
They should just buy crate engines from somewhere and save themselves te humiliation of putting out more flaming piles of crap
Wyatt Smith Nov 01, 2012
Pretty bad when a car catches fire because it got wet. Cool car, but wasn't ready for the public when they released it, and it's still not
Brandon Manworren Nov 01, 2012
I agree with Kyle
Clay Williams Nov 01, 2012
Sounds like another nail in the coffin to me.
Shelby Cassandra Nov 01, 2012
That's terrible!
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 01, 2012
What a damn waste
Oliver McIntosh Jan 19, 2013
This is future, kids.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 01, 2012
Not fuel cell, batteries it's electric.
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 01, 2012
I'd rather a regular engine than a defective fuel cell one
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 01, 2012
Not by salt water it's so corrosive and causes electrolyses the long term effects are not worth the troubles
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 01, 2012
All this caused by extensive water damage those engines suck!!! Any regular engine you could have fixed!
Jake Knickmeyer Nov 01, 2012
That'll buff out.
Dillon Dixon Nov 01, 2012
Ford took a government loan before they were in too deep. So yes, they used government money, but they were not bailed out. Either way, it shouldn't matter. American carmakers are making a comeback and are doing great!
Matty Michaels Nov 01, 2012
Paul, add Ford to list, also.
Paul Trahan Nov 01, 2012
There's the American tax dollars. In a melty pile of goo. Before anyone says they didn't take tax dollars do some research.
Michael Beach Nov 01, 2012
For sale: brand new Karma. One owner, low miles, smoker
Sam Oglesby Nov 01, 2012
Well I for one am happy about this as I don't much like them
Garrett Keller Nov 01, 2012
It's just a little melty