Comments - Ford GT Sets 283MPH Standing Mile Record

Published: Nov 01, 2012
Description: Performance Power Racing has broken the record for the fastest standing mile at 283.232 mph in a 2006 Ford GT at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Guinness World Record officials measured the time ...
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Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Nov 03, 2012
Eat that, Bugatti! I think McLaren just gave that Ford a high five.
Bill Estep Jr Nov 02, 2012
I wonder If he used the bathroom before he did this
Greg Lewis Nov 01, 2012
And ford, have you taken notice that these cars are still boss of the roads? With slightly outdated engines? Get those bad boys back into production! Give the viper some tail lights to focus on
Elijah Chet Roseberry Nov 01, 2012
Omg! What a jump! There has never been a mph jump this substantial ever!
Harrison Armstrong Nov 01, 2012
Nobody is going to tune a Veyron. What would you even do to it? Add another turbo? I'd take the Veyron, sell it, and then buy the Ford GT with a ton of extra cash left over.
Maynor Pineda Nov 01, 2012
I cant believe its street legal!!!!!
Tyler Tarbox Nov 01, 2012
@Jacob. An over priced Beetle? Really? Uh no not even close. I'm not a huge fan of the Veyron either but there is no doubt that it is an engineering masterpiece. And it's certainly not over priced. In fact they lose money on each one they sell.
Nodnarb Ydil Nov 01, 2012
The Veyron takes three times the amount of road to reach a lower speed. The Veyron also had/has the backing of a multi-billion dollar conpany(VWAG) to reach such achievements. I think these guys are making great progress with this GT
Matt Piccolo Nov 01, 2012
@ Paul, I ain't lol
Jacob Viiper McCord Nov 01, 2012
Gayron SS is a overrated overpriced Beetle. The GT is a one of a kind car.
Paul Dickey Nov 01, 2012
Don't kid yourself Matt.
Matt Piccolo Nov 01, 2012
Just saying, the Veyron looks way better than this lol but I do love the gt!! :)
Johnny Francis Nov 01, 2012
Yeah haha how much more are you going to tune the veyron? It's pretty complicated enough haha.
Logan Bartnick Nov 01, 2012
The Vayron is already tuned to perfection, but the Ford GT can still do better.
Taylor Garry Nov 01, 2012
Ahh i love seeing this
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
Screw the Gayron SS.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 01, 2012
And the Veyron SS costs 10 times more
Blaise Harned Nov 01, 2012
Hell to the yes!!
Ben Mossing Nov 01, 2012
WHY NO VIDEO?!?!!!?!?
Matt Sutton Nov 01, 2012
But a veyron couldnt look as good doin it.
Shelby Cassandra Nov 01, 2012
Holy shit! That is crazy fast!
Josh Hazzard Nov 01, 2012
Tune up a veyron ss and it would beat that record
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
Damn. Congrats. That's awesome.
Kaigan Viner Nov 01, 2012
That is crazy fast for one mile!
omarSV Nov 01, 2012
Donald Chip Schofield Nov 01, 2012
Greatest car ever. They need a video
Max Bonds Nov 01, 2012
I wanna go for a ride in that thing
Brandon Metzger Nov 01, 2012
My favorite car in the world!<3
Roberto Alexander González Nieves Nov 01, 2012
So there's no video??:/
Nick Schnee Nov 01, 2012
Go Ford GT! Such a great car :3
Brad Hickey Nov 02, 2012
diggin the hulk
Dillon Dixon Nov 01, 2012
One of the most deserving cars to hold the record!
Description: The same car previously set the record at 253.97 mph. The standing mile event requires a vehicle to accelerate from a stand-still on through the one-mile mark. To ensure optimum results, parts were sp...
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Erik Scherer Nov 06, 2012
I'm sure Bugatti will come out with yet another version of the Veyron now!
Abdelrahman Ali Nov 05, 2012
@ Darian Vorlick Exactly. Well said.
Darian Vorlick Nov 01, 2012
2000 bhp probably won't accelerate that Lambo to 300. Keep in mind the faster you want to go, the horsepower requirement exponentially increases. It's not a linear progression.
Nodnarb Ydil Nov 01, 2012
William is right I'm afraid. As bad ass as that murcielago would have been, it probably won't happen. 2000hp ain't gonna get you to 300mph if you don't have the right tires either
William Downs Nov 01, 2012
U mean that car that they claimed 2000hp on that they never started, same one that claims they can reach 330mph, been almost a month later and still no dyno sheet, was just a guy with money stroking his ego
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 01, 2012
I think the twin turbo murcielago SV with 2000 WHEEL HP will do it if they try
Garrett Keller Nov 01, 2012
So a 30 mph increase from their last record? That's crazy fast. Wonder if they'll be the first to do 300
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 02, 2012
Yea it's pretty bomb I don't think anyone who knows about it would doubt it.
William Downs Nov 01, 2012
I'm with Patrick the c6rs is what a corvette should be, lighter,gobs of N/A power, and an amazing interior, plus that engine sounds rediculious
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
The P&M C6RS is at the very top of my dream car list. That car is absolutely a super car. And 8.1L V8?! Sign me up!!!
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 01, 2012
Can the Pratt & Miller vette be considered a supercar?
Tyler Tarbox Nov 01, 2012
@Nick. The Z06 and ZR1 corvettes are definitely supercars. Also could even say the Grand Sport but maybe not. People argue that no Vette can be a super car because it's "just a corvette" but honestly if Chevy killed the base model no one would say it
Jacob Viiper McCord Nov 01, 2012
The GT500 is the car to compete now. Bring back the GT!
Aaron Crisp Nov 01, 2012
Lets not start this guys, but Ford should bring the GT back to compete with the ZR1 and Viper! 'Merica!
Edgar Jauregui Nov 01, 2012
I think the ZR1 should be considered a supercar...
Nick Benz Nov 01, 2012
I wouldnt call the corvette a supercar
Tyler Tarbox Nov 01, 2012
@David. I agree. Ford is now the only American car company that doesn't build a supercar.
David Justice Nov 01, 2012
Ford needs to bring this back so we can see this matchup again, and against the Viper as well.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 01, 2012
Two of the sweetest cars ever made right there
Colby Church Nov 01, 2012
I wish mine were that fast... Lol
Dylan Bruder Nov 01, 2012
I would have to agree the vette more for me not necessarily this one but in general
Chris Huff Nov 01, 2012
2 of my favorite cars
MissLaura Anne Nov 02, 2012
And Matt R- you came out the best and sounding mature, don't worry about these guys!
MissLaura Anne Nov 02, 2012
Who cares about being able to 'maybe' handle it?! It's a sick fast sexy car with kick ass hp. AND street legal. There should be celebrating after hearing this!
Aaron Crisp Nov 02, 2012
You're wealthy, drive a Porsche AND from Jersey?! Wow when did you sign up for Jersey Shore.
William Smith Nov 01, 2012
And P.S. Guys stop feeding the Trolls
William Smith Nov 01, 2012
Fantastic car period. As for Matt R, keep on trolling man, you've more than proven you drive a Porsche have wealthy parents and are a total asshat...... Keep up the attitude maybe someday someone will love you for more than your money.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 01, 2012
People who say this is a useless car are completely ignorant
Michael Davidson Nov 01, 2012
And I'm sure it's not set up to put down 1700hp when on the streets. They probably turn the boost wayyyyy down.
Matt Roca Nov 01, 2012
Damn lmfao you guys take stuff really seriously on here. But i will say my sorry if i upset anyone but with my first coment just remember its my opinion and we all have one
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
Matt, that's great you do that. But they did not ruin this car. It set a world record. That ludicrous to say this is ruined.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 01, 2012
Still sound like an ass.
Matt Roca Nov 01, 2012
Feel free to call bs i come from a wealthy family and my father has a great job. I no what i do and im damn good at it. Its not like i travel the world i stay in my state JERSEY. So im going go worry about bigger problems like the tree on my house
Wyatt Clark Nov 01, 2012
All of you who critsize and say "who needs all that power as a dd" - Your all idiots. You do realize that "street legal" and "daily driver" are completely seperate things. Just because it's "street legal" doesnt make it a dd.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 01, 2012
No car will make 1500 hp at 2000 rpm which is the powerband you'd drive at in the city so why is it pointless? You don't use the power all the time.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 01, 2012
But hey when I was your age I would brag to people about the sweet cars my dad had. But as I got older I realized two things: 1) It just makes you look like an ass. 2) There is always someone out there with more money and nicer things
Tyler Tarbox Nov 01, 2012
@Matt R. No one is impressed
Reese Fenske Nov 01, 2012
oh come on. it's street legal just drive the damn thing
Jordan Jackson Nov 01, 2012
Well said Arron
Aaron Cordroch Nov 01, 2012
Porsche 944? I can get one on Craigslist right now for 3 grand... When you get older you'll realize only douche bags use cars to validate themselves. As for ruining the car... He made it set a world record. What have you done?
Aaron Crisp Nov 01, 2012
Matt and Matt sitting in a tree...
Matt Piccolo Nov 01, 2012
On the other hand though, Matt, really? I call BS that u drive a Porsche @ 15... Mainly bec u don't have a license
Matt Piccolo Nov 01, 2012
I kinda agree with Matt, as a daily driver a 1500hp anything is a bit ridiculous... Not saying u couldn't use it as a DD but it's kinda pointless
Matt Roca Nov 01, 2012
Its funny how you all gang up on me when none of you can handle the car and dont say you do bc im 15 and i race porsches with SCCA so shut up. Your right i cant handle that much horse power but at least at 15 i no what im doing and drive a porsche
Colby Church Nov 01, 2012
Oh yeah Matt? Then why is the worlds fastest street legal car (1963 Corvette 2200bhp) also the guys daily driver? He handles that power all day long. Just because you couldn't, don't make assumptions about other people's skills.
William Downs Nov 01, 2012
Matt just cause u don't know how to drive doesn't mean the car is useless, people have 1000+ HP cars as daily drivers, should keep your mouth shut about what u don't know, keeps u from looking stupid
Blaise Harned Nov 01, 2012
Ya walker, Matt doesn't really know what he's talking about
Walker Carroll Nov 01, 2012
It's called being very gentle with the throttle
Matt Roca Nov 01, 2012
They ruined the car. No person can handle 1700 hp on the street. All they can use it for is to drive straight. No point to it at all really nothing to be proud of here
Shelby Cassandra Nov 01, 2012
If this is street legal then why are they pulling it with a quad?
Adam Thomson Nov 17, 2012
Dat ass
omarSV Nov 03, 2012
this is so far away from a normal ford gt it has more in common with a dragster lol. how crazy does that rear end look with those etc exhausts etc, thats what makes a veyron ss so cool, is that it does 260mph+ but doesnt look so unfinished from the outside. Amazing achievement anyway. :)
Michael Davidson Nov 01, 2012
Holy crap!!! Yeah definitely at least a 315.
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
I'm gonna guess these are 315s
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 01, 2012
Oh sarcasm... Nevermind.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 01, 2012
Lmao @ 215s not even the front tires are 215s the rears are easily over 300.
Dillon Magee Nov 01, 2012
wow. thats impressive.
Javier Fuentes Nov 01, 2012
Looks like it going to take off into space.
Edgar Jauregui Nov 01, 2012
The turbo setup sticking our makes it look so menacing
Lou Guerrero Nov 01, 2012
This looks serious
Taylor Garry Nov 01, 2012
Sarcasm. That would be like a 500
William Downs Nov 01, 2012
215 would be a small tire, thats like passenger car size, that's probably around a 300
Taylor Garry Nov 01, 2012
Those tires have got to be at least a 215
William Downs Nov 01, 2012
2 different exhaust ? Wtf
Jonathan Gomez Nov 01, 2012
The car looks faster than the jet
omarSV Nov 03, 2012
love the bare carbon fibre
MissLaura Anne Nov 02, 2012
Omar Ali AlRushaid Nov 01, 2012
Gaugers,, gaugers everywhere..
Darian Vorlick Nov 01, 2012
That's one massive intake pipe.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 01, 2012
That Lightning engine is in there somewhere. Lol
Chase Huddles Nov 01, 2012
Even to this day my favorite car of all time is breaking records. Just imagine if Ford had the balls to make a new GT....
Carlton Salmon Nov 01, 2012
A very proud man and deservedly so.