Comments - Dodge Charger and Magnum by CustomKingz

Published: Nov 01, 2012
Description: This time of year, most of the tuning jobs we see are headed to SEMA. But this one hails from Germany, and that's very far away from Las Vegas. The company is CustomKingz, and its latest release...
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Aj White Mar 26, 2013
22's on a car this size is not big at all. You guys are over exaggerating. It's clearly lowered and sitting on rubberband tires which makes them look so big.
Greg Lewis Nov 01, 2012
Agreed on the wheels. But why are these not still in production? This is a great compromise for muscle and family. Like them more than the chagrrs
Clay Williams Nov 01, 2012
I love magnums but this is stupid.
Dylan Bruder Nov 01, 2012
Agreed there's no benefit to them being that size
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
Wheels are too big
Jacob J Mills Nov 01, 2012
My dad used to have one and it was great!
Description: A set of 22-inch VVS CV3 Vossen wheels finished in black with green touches complement the car's exterior. A matching iPhone 4 case for the Superbee is also on offer. The matte-gray Dodge Magnum ...
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Aj White Mar 26, 2013
@Gurjit @MissLaura You guys are hilarious.
Ben Norton Nov 03, 2012
I've always had a soft spot for this car for some reason, I don't like rims that large though
MissLaura Anne Nov 02, 2012
Gurjit Singh Nov 01, 2012
POS on sexy wheels
MissLaura Anne Nov 02, 2012
Looks awesome! It's not the same colour as every car on here. That would turn heads in a good way
Michael Dunn Nov 02, 2012
Emmanuel everybody has their own opinions.
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Nov 01, 2012
Or just a different yellow with black rims
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Nov 01, 2012
This would look great with blue and smaller different color rims IMO
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 01, 2012
Yea and your the dude who rides through town in a donk, that's pretty different dog, actually it's the same shit every "gangsta" does naaa.
Emmanuel Mateo Nov 01, 2012
Yea your right, if its not the same thing everyone else has it looks like shit. You guys are so ignorant with your comments. I'm not a rapper but I think it's nice cuz I can appreciate its different
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 01, 2012
Yeah the color is horrible
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
Change the gross yellow to blue or red and change the wheels to dark grey and you have yourself a nice charger