Comments - Cars That Changed The World: Toyota Prius

Published: Nov 01, 2012
Description: I think we can safely say that we all know what the Prius is at this point. The first mass-market gas-electric hybrid to hit the Japanese market in 1997, it was the second to hit US shores in 2000, an...
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Gustavo Kelso Jun 15, 2013
At Prius/hybrid supporters, after 10 years ( due to the harmful battery making process) a land rover defender pollutes less than a Toyota Prius ( Top Gear)
Wyatt Ortega Nov 14, 2012
That's exactly why they had another recall in two mouths
Chris Friend Nov 03, 2012
I don't understand Prius hate. The Prius is a great little affordable hybrid that is among the most efficient cars. (50 MPG)
Charlie Austin Nov 01, 2012
Changed the world for the worse
John Serely Nov 01, 2012
The Prius is for people who don't care about cars
John Serely Nov 01, 2012
I agree anton. Most prius drivers are slow and terrible. One time I saw a Prius with a body kit, roof scoop and fartcan...and I laughed at him.
David Parenti Nov 01, 2012
It charges itself? Engine+generator. You only charge an all electric car... Wow
Chris Penza Nov 01, 2012
What people don't realize is they think they're saving the world by driving a prius but in reality all the electricity it uses to charge pollutes too
Jdm Jerry Nov 01, 2012
Are we just going to ignore the whole Insight came before thing? Also didn't Chevy have one even before that?
Anton Zhukov Nov 01, 2012
Also Prius drivers are usually terrible.
Anton Zhukov Nov 01, 2012
I hate these with a passion. Just drove one for the first time and it just doesn't feel like a car, more like a computer, completely disconnected from the road. I'll take a diesel manual Jetta wagon as a family car over this pos any day.
PhuongHong Nguyen Dec 08, 2012
U can say that right .
Bailey McLendon Nov 02, 2012
Yes it is from Gran Turismo 5
Description: The first gas-electric hybrid was built not too long after the introduction of the internal combustion engine. This car was the Mixte, built by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche and the Lohner company and unveile...
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Description: On the plus side, since the technology was no longer being rushed to market, when it finally did debut in 1997, it was a far more impressive accomplishment. That said, the hybrid was slow to take off,...
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Description: Those aren't especially impressive figures when compared to some other Toyota models. For example, Toyota sold 1.36 million units of the Corolla just in 2005. But the Prius is unrivaled in its cl...
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Description: The current Golf TDI BlueMotion gets fuel economy numbers at least as good as the Prius but is infinitely more fun to drive. So why does the Prius so completely rule its segment? The answer is complic...
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Description: So the fact that the Prius was the first hybrid that anyone might conceivably want to buy certainly didn't hurt. But with such a huge gulf between the Prius and its nearest competitor, there has ...
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Description: The interior is made to look as futuristic as possible, thus better highlighting the newness of the technology and helping the customer to get excited about it. It's gimmicky, maybe, but it'...
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Description: While the first generation of the Civic Hybrid simply looked like the contemporary Civic, when you have a Prius, people know you have a Prius. Conspicuous conservation is now a noted social phenomenon...
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