Comments - Porsche 911 Turbos Take on Godzillas

Published: Oct 09, 2012
Description: A couple of tuned Porsche 911 Turbos with a combined 1,950 horsepower taking on a pair of similarly enhanced Nissan GT-Rs is what's about to go down in this week's edition of Drag Race Tuesd...
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Description: The GT-R may be a favorite among tuners, but so is the 911. With the right technical skills and components at its disposal, a good tuning firm can do incredible things, and all four cars featured here...
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Terrance Parker Oct 10, 2012
That second one was questionable
John Garcia Oct 10, 2012
Damn I can't get over how quick those GTRs come off the line haha
JB Kolod Oct 10, 2012
That first Porsche was insane
Dimitris Xristos Alepous Oct 10, 2012
skyline for life!!!
Parker Lamoreaux Oct 10, 2012
Looks like they are only counting the actual times from starting line to finish line. Not taking into account their reaction times. Who knows why. But it's obviously an unfair match if the Porsche truly produces 950hp, compared to that GTR's 670hp.
Serge Pankratov Oct 10, 2012
Am i missing something here? In the second race the GT-R crossed both lines before the Porsche.. Unless my video is lagging.. How the hell does the Porsche wins the second race?? Timed or not, the gtr had a better launch and crossed the lines first
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 09, 2012
The first would have ran in the 9s if it had PDK and had used launch control. Ive seen turbos use LC that one didnt
Patrick Schalk Oct 09, 2012
Damn that first Porsche was movin!
Dylan Knapp Oct 09, 2012
Matt, the gtr had only 670 while the porsches had 1000 and 950
Shelby Cassandra Oct 09, 2012
The first Porsche probably should have ran a high 9.
Matt Piccolo Oct 09, 2012
But from what I can tell (it's hard to see cuz I'm outside, it looks like that 1st 911 has like 1070hp and both the gtr's only had in the 800's... Correct me if I'm wrong though its hard to see being outside with my screen cover on
Matt Piccolo Oct 09, 2012
I agree Adam, looked like the gtr let off in the middle of the race cuz the 911 passed it then the gtr flew by the 911... I'd like to see the 1st 911 vs second gtr
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 09, 2012
I feel like the 2nd race... The GTR was sandbagging a little bit... Had the Jump... About mid way through the 912 caught up... And looked like it would pull away... But the GTR caught back up even if it lost the timed aspect of the race...
Alex Medvedev Oct 09, 2012
If driver of the Porsche have been awake for the race it would of been close because from start to finish it was same distance
Serge Pankratov Oct 10, 2012
GTR for me baby :)
Serge Pankratov Oct 10, 2012
The 911 is reafy for liftoff!!
Peter Hyo Bolivar Oct 10, 2012
Ill take the 911
Jackson Rojas Oct 09, 2012
-.001 reaction for the second gtr
Matt Piccolo Oct 09, 2012
Same, I'd take the gtr too
John Serely Oct 09, 2012
Wow, that Porsche looks great!
Matthew Mazzarelli Oct 09, 2012
Lol damn almost lifting off the ground.