Comments - Leno Drives Rare '66 Toyota 2000GT Convertible

Published: Oct 09, 2012
Description: An entertainer as busy as Jay Leno wouldn't take a trip half-way around the world if it wasn't worth his time, but his sojourn to Japan has certainly proven eventful for the man we like to c...
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Description: The example which Jay drove is actually the one built for the James Bond flick "You Only Live Twice", purported to have had its roof chopped off to accommodate a rather tall Sean Connery. Co...
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John Darwin Price Oct 10, 2012
Except, Mark, the difference is - this one works.
Mark Dawley Oct 10, 2012
Sorry all - it's just a Jag copy
Terrance Parker Oct 09, 2012
Jay, your the man..I'll post that your YouTube site in a minute.
Terrance Parker Oct 09, 2012
I was going to say before I watched the video, didn't know it came in a convertible.
Rohil Chauhan Oct 09, 2012
Probably the coolest Japanese car ever made.
Byakka Hirakawa Oct 09, 2012
Lmao They didnt let him take it out of the parking lot Dont blame them But still funny
Tony Bügel Jensen Oct 09, 2012
How is it possible to wait 50 years to drive a car that was made 46 years ago. As JL probably would say: "I'm flabbergasted".
John M Weishahn Oct 09, 2012
It's gorgeous. Too bad Toyota didn't use that design serve as a baseline for future shapes.
Mike Trikalakis-Deliyannis Oct 09, 2012
Beautiful car and highly sought after!! Jay, you're the man! Wish I could tour Japan and drive legends!