Comments - CLS Shooting Brake by Brabus

Published: Oct 09, 2012
Description: Mercedes tuning maestro Brabus has introduced a new styling and performance package for the CLS Shooting Brake. As with all Brabus body kits, style is married to aerodynamic efficiency, with wind tunn...
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Nick Schnee Oct 10, 2012
I still generally dislike wagons, even after seeing this and that Porsche concept.
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Oct 10, 2012
Michael it's a CLS , shooting brake by Brabus. "Does what it says on the tin."
Michael Dunn Oct 09, 2012
I don't get the name of this car
Description: Brabus offers six styles of alloys up to 20 inches in size, including the Monoblock R design boasting two sets of five double spokes painted in Liquid Titanium, diamond-polished and sealed with smoked...
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Sam Biggin Oct 10, 2012
For an estate car that is rapid!
Dillon Magee Oct 09, 2012
How much does this package cost?
Description: Brabus also offers a sport exhaust system with butterfly valve for the CLS 63, which looks the part thanks to ceramic-coated dual tailpipes and sounds the part courtesy of a 'Sport' mode. Fo...
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Walter Robinson Oct 11, 2012
For Brabus, nothing is optimistic, it's realistic. For its more insane cars maybe, idk for this
Nathaniel Sharp Oct 09, 2012
That speedo seems a bit optimistic.
Patrick Schalk Oct 09, 2012
These wheels are much better