Comments - Aventador GT to Debut in Geneva with Four Seats?

Published: Oct 09, 2012
Description: Yes, you read that title correctly. According to recent reports, the flagship Lamborghini could sprout an extra pair of seats in time for the Geneva Motor Show. The Aventador Roadster is expected to h...
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Craig Lafey Oct 10, 2012
This better not happen.
Sam Biggin Oct 10, 2012
Why not do it? I think it would be pretty cool gives a bit extra storage in the back .
Callum Russell Oct 10, 2012
Since the 1960's lamborghini's V12 flagships, muira, countach, diablo, murcielago,they have never felt the need to spawn a 2+2. In my opinion thus should stay that way, if you want a 4 seater car, put the Urus or Estoque into produtction!!!
Terrance Parker Oct 09, 2012
Can't wait to see them!
Brian Johnston Oct 09, 2012
Doesn't make sense in a mid engine. Why are you people talking about camaros and brzs on a lambo article. Those aren't even close.
supra_mkiv Oct 09, 2012
This topic makes me think about the back seats of a 911 lol
Paul Dickey Oct 09, 2012
This thing is already big. Adding two more seats it would be massive.
Wyatt Gordon Oct 09, 2012
I absolutely cannot wait for the convertible/spider. That is going to be absolutely brilliant. But Lamborghini, if you are reading this, for the love of god, DO NOT dare make a 2+2. Them even considering that is the stupidest thing I've heard all day
Walter Robinson Oct 09, 2012
I want an Estoque wagon. And isn't it great? Being short that is and being able to fit in any performance car.
Brendon Davis Oct 09, 2012
Cool idea. But if I see the headlines "AVENTADOR GT REVEALED" and I see a wagon, I'm shooting them.
Zeus Mocha Oct 09, 2012
But I would like to see one though. Sounds interesting.
Zeus Mocha Oct 09, 2012
BRZ/FRS, at least for me.
Zeus Mocha Oct 09, 2012
Na a camaro could fit a good 5'2" in the back. My little bro can for sure. For 2+2 those and stangs are alright. But if it's anything like a GTR or the subayotas there was literally no point of a back seat. Or a front seat for that matter in the
Zachary Maurer Oct 09, 2012
All of the pony cars can't fit most people in the rear seat, usually the only 2 door coupes that can fit people in the back are the gt cars that cost more than all of your scion xd(s) times 10
Shelby Cassandra Oct 09, 2012
@Cody. A new camaro can't fit my 5 feet 2 inch sister. I suspect that this would be the same.
Alex Renaud Oct 09, 2012
Like the Z32 300ZX's. Their profile looked great as a 2 seater, but it failed (in my eyes, at least) as a 2+2.
Alex Renaud Oct 09, 2012
Now those are what I would call hot seats. I'm not sure how it will look with a stretched wheelbase, but I'll have to wait and see.
Maynor Pineda Oct 09, 2012
I mean 2 more seats
Maynor Pineda Oct 09, 2012
Nice could convince more people to buy it and I agree they should add 2 more doors
Cody Andree Oct 09, 2012
Actually most 2+2's can fit your average man. It's tight and not very comfy but ya it works fine. We used to pack two adults and 3 teenagers In the back of a 99 SS Camaro
Shelby Cassandra Oct 09, 2012
@Zach. 2+2's can rarely fit people in the back seat.
Zachary Maurer Oct 09, 2012
I'm really interested to see this, a 4 seat mid engine car, the seats made for my friend, who is a whopping 4'8
Jean Paul Soto Oct 09, 2012
It actually sounds like it would be a hit.
Michael Davidson Oct 09, 2012
The FF isn't mid engine though.
Babaloo Anderson Oct 09, 2012
Clearly trying to copy the ff
John Serely Oct 09, 2012
I would love this
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Oct 09, 2012
I can see this as a 2+2
Jared Garner Oct 11, 2012
Looks awesome to drive
Tanner Biglione Oct 09, 2012
Drives like a dream!!!!
Description: Car magazine notes that while the project's exact details are being kept secret, it's likely to gain a longer wheelbase but keep its V12 mounted amidship. The back seats, according to Car, c...
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Brandon Lidy Oct 10, 2012
Scissor "portals" are doors
Sebastian Grey Oct 10, 2012
The four seater isn't a convertible Harrison.
Andy Bird Oct 10, 2012
What are scissor portals?
Harrison Armstrong Oct 10, 2012
Jeez this car is going to be massive with 2 added seats and a motorized convertible top. Either way I'm interested as to how this will all play out.
Isaac Rezkalla Oct 09, 2012
But I needs to me a hard top convertible
Isaac Rezkalla Oct 09, 2012
I liked the removable panel
Serge Pankratov Oct 10, 2012
Btw i love this particular color combo in case it wasnt apparent from the previous comment
Serge Pankratov Oct 10, 2012
it black and hide half the details? Thats my 2 cents
Serge Pankratov Oct 10, 2012
Dont see y many dont like this rim color.. I personally am NOT a big fan of black rims because the black color tends to hide the whole beauty and craftsmanship of an expensive wheel.. Myenatlity is simply this: why make a beautiful rim and then paint
Wyatt Gordon Oct 09, 2012
I'd have it in that yosemite blue color AMG painted an SLS a while back, along with the gloss black wheels, but then I'd paint the outer rim of the wheels silver. and tint the windows 90% light rejection
Dillon Magee Oct 09, 2012
I love the gloss black ones. They looks soooo much better.
Thibault Leroy Oct 09, 2012
The gloss black wheels are an extra 2000 euros so like 2800 dollars
Craig Lafey Oct 09, 2012
Saw the same one the other day in my town but the wheels were black. Absolutely gorgeous in person
Jordan Smith Oct 09, 2012
And we all know wheels simply cannot be painted.
Aaron Crisp Oct 09, 2012
I agree, since they're permanently welded on there.
Justin Mancuso Oct 09, 2012
Honestly if that was the only color the wheels came in,I would never even consider this car.
Kent Huynh Oct 10, 2012
Disgusting wheels. IMO
Daniel Carvalho Oct 09, 2012
Badass view of this car! When I first saw it, it didn't look so great, but I've changed my mind!
Maynor Pineda Oct 09, 2012
They should be black
Craig Lafey Oct 09, 2012
Those wheels are sweet!!
Cody Gillard Oct 09, 2012
I love the whole car
David Gray Oct 09, 2012
Those wheels are hot
Michael Riley Oct 09, 2012
I like those rims on it
Joshua Oct 10, 2012
I agree with James... I dislike Lamborghini for their lack attention to what is underneath.. They focus on flashines the most.. Oh yeah a redesigned exterior with 10 more hp?.. And everybody gets excited because they finally replaced the engine that Ferrucio asked a engineer to copy from an Alfa block and Masserati heads
Igør SaLqadø Oct 10, 2012
@James Do u have ocd?
James E Caldwell Oct 10, 2012
Am I the only one who is so bothered by the engine being off center? I know it has something to do with how the transmission is mounted, but every time I see it I cringe. That, and how they did not bother hiding the parking sensors.
Jason Brower Oct 09, 2012
What is that even supposed to mean in the context of this photo? All I see is beauty.
Serge Pankratov Oct 10, 2012
Sat in one of these babies before and the interior really IS nice and different from all other cars ive been in.
Joshua Oct 09, 2012
Well the interior I like
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 09, 2012
Saabs were jet inspired. You can tell because of how they crashed and burned
Nick Mangini Oct 09, 2012
now this is jet inspired, unlike saab..