Comments - Switzer GT-Rs Demolish the Drag Strip

Published: Oct 08, 2012
Description: Switzer Performance has set a new record quarter-mile time for a Nissan GT-R on pump fuel. The Ohio-based tuner recently headed north to the Milan Dragway in Michigan with a trio of customer-owned and...
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Shelby Cassandra Oct 09, 2012
@ Dhruv. I would do it.
Alex Renaud Oct 09, 2012
I have been there, Dhruv, and your future self says hello. You missed the point of my humor; I was being sarcastic.
Alex Renaud Oct 09, 2012
Don't get me wrong, Geeter, I love you, but it is time for me to move on; move onto other cars, new cars, different cars, all with exciting new stories to read. All the best, GT-R, with love - Alex.
Alex Renaud Oct 09, 2012
If we see an article next week that states that the GT-R broke the 9 second barrier in the 1/4 mile while running on 4 pizza cutter spare tires in reverse, we might get excited, but other than that, any GT-R story is basically a snooze fest.
Alex Renaud Oct 09, 2012
We have come to expect this of you, and you seem to always deliver. But as one of my fellow bloggers stated below, we "are getting bored with the GTR (sic)."
Alex Renaud Oct 09, 2012
... and you can pretty much beat any car on the planet. You have beat the best from Italy, some serious muscle from America, and even competition from your own country. Okay, so we get it. Now you are setting world records...
Alex Renaud Oct 09, 2012
Okay GT-R, here me out. I may speak for many when I say that we all know that you rock a powerful 3.8l V6 with two hair dryers strapped to it. Couple that mill with a capable AWD system equipped with launch control,...
Paul Dickey Oct 09, 2012
I'm bored with the GTR
Chris Fellmer Oct 08, 2012
Those are tuned motorcycle numbers. Very impressive.
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
May be clunky as u say but there reliable as hell
Dylan Bruder Oct 08, 2012
If I remember correctly the lambos record was for gallardos
Cory Wilhelm Oct 08, 2012
I guess the Lambo didn't last to long on top.
Dillon Magee Oct 08, 2012
It does, but I'm sure it's there for a reason.
Michael Dunn Oct 08, 2012
That spoiler looks wrong
John Serely Oct 08, 2012
Love the GTR, but I think the post-2012 ones (facelifted) look best
Description: Shortly thereafter, Switzer's second R1K-X GT-R filled with race fuel joined the “8-second club” and ran an 8.99-second quarter-mile at 165.54mph. Switzer Performance is best known for creating u...
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Jake Knickmeyer Oct 09, 2012
@lee...maybe in the 1/8 mile drag...
Andre Vettorato Oct 08, 2012
Gtrs beat everything... Just how it goes ..
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
So video or it didnt happen
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
For some reason I just wanna call bull shit on that
Lee Gardner Oct 08, 2012
8.99 shoot my 1ton 92 cummins can do that
Danny Burns Oct 08, 2012
All I want for Christmas Santa is a ....
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
Wheels... Whole car looks fantastic
Matt Piccolo Oct 08, 2012
Those wheels look great