Comments - RUF RT35 Anniversary Hits the Road

Published: Oct 08, 2012
Description: Introduced at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show back in March, the RUF RT35 Anniversary Edition marked the Porsche tuning specialist's 35 years in the business. Using the new 991-series 911 Carrera S as...
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Description: Compared to the standard Carrera S, those numbers represent boosts of 230 hp and 283 lb-ft of torque, and the result is a supercar-besting 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds and an Autobahn-crunching top speed ...
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Dennis Choong Oct 09, 2012
You should see how the Yellow Bird is driven at the Ring
A.J. Brady Oct 08, 2012
One notice that the driver didn't really know how to drive the car properly, as in not know how to really control the power in corners?
Ken Lee King Siang Oct 08, 2012
Even more power than the upcoming turbo/turbo s
Tyler Ray DeFord Oct 08, 2012
Now it's a supercar.
JB Kolod Oct 08, 2012
The turbos make more power than your average sports car
Daniel Eads Oct 08, 2012
Serge, so you're saying that owners of Porsches should be reckless drivers all the time?
John Serely Oct 08, 2012
@serge I see that a lot around me with corvettes. A lot of guys have vettes, but drive very slow
Christopher Melendez Oct 08, 2012
@ dhruv what happened to it?
Serge Pankratov Oct 08, 2012
Now thats how u drive a porsche!! Half the porsches i see driven around town are putting around at or oftentimes below the speed limit.. Basically people wasting cars that were built to be abused!
Danny Burns Oct 08, 2012
I want a "Turbo" wing, and a little more black.
Carlton Salmon Oct 08, 2012
Great colour but personally wouldn't have painted the wheels, I'd have just left them polished.
Danny Burns Oct 08, 2012
Such a bad ass car.
Kyle Silvera Oct 08, 2012
I love the subtle vents RUF put on the rear fenders for cooling. As far as aftermarket tuners go, they are definitely amongst the best there is.
Dillon Dixon Oct 08, 2012
This is one German car that I could buy over an American car. Since I'm a huge American car guy, that's a huge achievement. It's the beauty of the 911 with the power of a corvette! I'm in love!
Theo Hubbard Oct 08, 2012
God that thing looks good
Brendon Davis Oct 09, 2012
You'd think that with 620 horsepower and their insane designs of yore, they'd have a giant rear spoiler. It does look good though.
Dylan Knapp Oct 08, 2012
Carlton, what about the beetle?
Carlton Salmon Oct 08, 2012
Ruf cars always look great - haven't seen a bad looking one yet.
Babaloo Anderson Oct 08, 2012
One of the best sounding engines
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Oct 08, 2012
Proper powerhouse.