Comments - Jay Leno Drives Lexus LFA Spyder

Published: Oct 08, 2012
Description: Talkshow host and car collector extraordinaire Jay Leno is currently visiting Japan, and having finished touring the Nissan factory, it was off to the Lexus facility where the $375,000 LFA supercar is...
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Description: This one-off LFA Spyder, which Leno drives on the Fuji Speedway, packs the same 560-horsepower engine as the coupe, but without a roof of any kind to get between the driver and the high-pitched wail o...
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Edwin K. Arroyo Mora Oct 09, 2012
Yeah definably doesn't need a radio that sound is amazing
kolton Oct 09, 2012
I'm pretty sure I would give a ball for this car. Yep, almost certain.
Ryan Haverty Oct 08, 2012
Sweetest steering wheels
Ryan Haverty Oct 08, 2012
That is one of the sweetest steer
Mario Callirgos Oct 08, 2012
This must have been made before the 2010 ACR run
Rohil Chauhan Oct 08, 2012
Why do you give a shit about what shirt he wears? That sound is from heaven!
Jason Smith Oct 08, 2012
Jay Leno - all that money and he wears the same shirt in EVERY video......
Serge Pankratov Oct 08, 2012
Shoot.. Thats one sexxi exhaust note!
Zeus Mocha Oct 08, 2012
"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die"
Janak Solanki Oct 08, 2012
Incredible sound. I wish Jay Leno would have pushed it harder.
Devin Babyn Oct 09, 2012
Just searched it (took like 15 minutes) and you're right. I've only ever heard of them making the exhaust system, never anything to do with the actual engine
Zachary Maurer Oct 09, 2012
As for the corolla with an f1 engine are you smoking?
Zachary Maurer Oct 09, 2012
Idk, I think that I would want the f12 just as much as this, this has Lexus build quality is fast, a sexy exhaust note and is just cool, the f12 is just as good in every way though, heck, just get both if people are that loaded
William Downs Oct 09, 2012
Stephen is correct the engine was co developed by yamaha and Toyota, but yamaha did I do all the tuning on the exhaust by them self... Corolla with an f1 engine u might as well delete this app cause you look like such a complete idiot
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 09, 2012
@devin yamaha co developed the engine with Toyota. If your going to call Someone a dumbass make sure you aren't being a dumbass yourself
Joseph Flieder Oct 09, 2012
*use (autocorrect)
Joseph Flieder Oct 09, 2012
at least you better grammar
Devin Babyn Oct 09, 2012
Yamaha built the exhaust. They had nothing to do with the engine. If you're going to hate at least learn something about the car first
John Jenkins Oct 09, 2012
this is the farthest thing from a corolla with a bike engine. I'd be willing to wager there are no shared parts at all.
Serg Karchevsky Oct 09, 2012
Corolla with r1 engine. That what it is to me. Yamaha build the engine for this car. But yea they did use rarest tech to build it. Even ferrari doesn't have that. To expensive for just a Lexus...
Cody Gillard Oct 08, 2012
Roadster over coupe for me
Dillon Magee Oct 08, 2012
Yeah, I like the coupe better. Then again, I almost always like coupes better, so that may not really mean much.
Maynor Pineda Oct 08, 2012
Nice but coupe is better
Greg Kenerly Oct 08, 2012
I don't think it's ugly but it's not as awesome as the coupe. Plus I'm sure it adds $50k to an already crazily priced car. I'd spend my $375k on a Lambo over this any day...if I had $375k to spend. Lol.
Justin Brest Oct 08, 2012
the only lines this particular spider ruins are the ones that aren't there anymore. I.e. It doesn't conflict with any lines that are left. if anything it enhances certain lines like along the door and rear end.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Oct 08, 2012
This one is not a convertible, Its a true spyder. It has no roof at all
Serge Pankratov Oct 08, 2012
Agreed. I like the coupe better too
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 08, 2012
I hate when they turn coupes into convertibles it just ruins the lines of the car.
John Serely Oct 08, 2012
That looks much better than the coupe
John Jenkins Oct 09, 2012
it's kinda cool that it doesn't have a retractable roof
supra_mkiv Oct 09, 2012
Where's the roof? Oh it doesn't have that lol
Cody Gillard Oct 08, 2012
Is the back really going to be that bland