Comments - BMW-Toyota JV to Yield New Supra?

Published: Oct 08, 2012
Description: Back in July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, BMW and Toyota announced a partnership to develop a new sports car to incorporate environmentally friendly technologies. Likely translation: a hybrid sp...
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Terrance Parker Oct 10, 2012
I would love to by an FR-S but, I wear suits to work everyday and I just don't think people would take me seriously anymore. Bring back the Supra please, a powerful and reliable sports car for adults.
Abishekar Bisseru Oct 10, 2012
Yes new supra,can't wait heard it was in development but finally some real news
David Justice Oct 08, 2012
While I think hybrid tech for performance purposes is pretty cool (918), I don't think it fits the image of the Supra.
Shannon Sims Oct 08, 2012
Its very unlikely the supra will come from this partnership. I'm a fan of both company's but it could be bad business if the supra is chosen as the focus. IMO.
James Buster Oct 08, 2012
Do do a hybrid I want a twin turbo v-6
Patrick Schalk Oct 08, 2012
The thing is is that it's not necessary. If Toyota can't do this without the hybrid tech, they don't need to make it IMO. And I actually WANT to see a Supra successor. But it needs to have some traits of the old one
Daniel Eads Oct 08, 2012
@Patrick, that is true but with Toyota reliability it should work out fine.
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
@chris what other sports car did they ruin
Patrick Schalk Oct 08, 2012
Daniel, AND the fact that it's more parts to break/fail/maintain.
Chris Penza Oct 08, 2012
Toyota again succeeds in killing another sports car
Jacob Viiper McCord Oct 08, 2012
No. no. No. No. No. Supra hybrid? no.
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
@misslaura... The supra isn't its own brand it has no say in what Toyota does to it
Hector Delgado Oct 08, 2012
Just swap the engine for a 2jz because the point for the supra was that you can tune the hell out of it
Daniel Eads Oct 08, 2012
The only good argument against hybrids is that they are heavier. But if you want a light car just go with a lotus or mx-5.
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Oct 08, 2012
I hate hybrids but its better than electric
MissLaura Anne Oct 08, 2012
No!! The Supra can't be a hybrid. Lambo said no and so should Supra!! Worst idea ever.
Besim Hojhalli Oct 08, 2012
There better not be a god damn scion version though
Logan Delony Oct 08, 2012
Just think, BMW looks + Toyota reliability ..
Victor Pitts Oct 08, 2012
@Malachi Now, if only we could fully stabilize the hydrogen, because that stuff is waaaay more potent then gasoline! Meaning more horsies! I still hate Toyota Post-90s.
Malachi Monteiro Oct 08, 2012
LoL, hybrid is not the future, Hydrogen is the future. I want the new Supra to look good.
Jacob Keith Miller Oct 08, 2012
@brandonlidy. That's a good point cause thats just like the brz/86.
Brandon Lidy Oct 08, 2012
It's good to hear that Toyota is stepping up their performance. But it's also a little troubling that they can't do it on their own
Yatish Wentink Oct 08, 2012
Please let it be a new Supra!!!
Trent Griffin Oct 08, 2012
Toyota does hybrids well...word class...BMW ...performance handling...I can only imagine it would be a world class well handling beast with great mpg....
Jacob Keith Miller Oct 08, 2012
Does anybody know if it will be called "supra" and I'm not to fond with hybrids. But I'll probably fall in love with one whenever it is I drive one. If its not like a Prius or something...
Brady Fereday Oct 08, 2012
Hybrid is the future get over it everyone Porsche is going that way and that car will be beast
Brady Fereday Oct 08, 2012
This shit will be amazing
Bryan Wesly Pascual Oct 08, 2012
It might improve the image of Toyota but kind of distorts BMW's
Besim Hojhalli Oct 08, 2012
Hmmmm the new m3 may have an inline six, which could be shared with the new supra. Hybrid stuff doesn't sound too bad, that way they can make a badass sports car without having emission laws knocking at their front door. Hybrid could just mean it has kers like their Lehman's prototype car.
Garrett Chatterton Oct 08, 2012
If the supra becomes hybrid I will lose respect for them
Matt Piccolo Oct 08, 2012
First Subaru and Toyota and now BMW and Toyota building sports cars together.... Maybe Toyota is finally getting out of its boring streak (1999-now)
Colin Dzendolet Oct 12, 2012
its the stock wing on the 2000-01
Joel Hope Oct 08, 2012
Ccw rims are bawse
Siya Fadane Oct 08, 2012
BMW should really not be a part if this partnership stuff (as if they haven't before). Come on BMW i didn't think you liked hello kitty.
Maynor Pineda Oct 08, 2012
Love the supra I hope they make it again I will try to get it
Tim Preisinger Oct 08, 2012
The stock Supra spoiler is one of my favorites on any car. I hate when people change it.
Johnny Francis Oct 08, 2012
Same. Its so nice
Maria Garcia Oct 08, 2012
I prefer the TRD spoiler to the stock one. That's just my opinion though.
Matt Piccolo Oct 08, 2012
No it's the TDR spoiler
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
Isn't that the stock one from Europe
Matt Piccolo Oct 08, 2012
Looks amazing!! But throw the stock spoiler back on!
Description: Furthermore, based on the huge success of the GT86, Williams noted, "Our dealers want exciting cars that bring in new buyers... and we are rewarding customers with a smile. That is all about driv...
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Larry Martino Oct 08, 2012
Volk Racing TE37's, now THOSE are a great pair of wheels for this car
Jacob Viiper McCord Oct 08, 2012
HREs would do nicely with halo lights.
Pratik Parija Oct 08, 2012
New rims would make it look better.
Matt Piccolo Oct 08, 2012
Beauty, but it needs the 97-98 head lights
William Downs Oct 09, 2012
Yes it is and when it can breath freely it's even better
Shannon Sims Oct 08, 2012
This exhaust set up is done in true JDM fashion. It's also extremely functional. The critics have obviously not done the home work on the supra 2jz inline 6 motor. It's a marvel.
Larry Martino Oct 08, 2012
Love the exhaust and really love these cars with no wing
Joel Hope Oct 08, 2012
Johnny is on point.
Johnny Francis Oct 08, 2012
But unfortunately Daniel you have a lot of restriction with stock exhaust. That's why people swap them.
Daniel Eads Oct 08, 2012
Jacob, honestly I've yet to hear an aftermarket exhaust that sounds better then the stock. Plus I'd much rather have a sleeper.
Jacob Viiper McCord Oct 08, 2012
well would you want people to hear what's coming or what they are getting there self into?
Andrae Jackson Oct 08, 2012
It looks great with the big tip
Aiden Bass Oct 08, 2012
It's called business over bull****...
Tim Preisinger Oct 08, 2012
Unless that thing is putting out massive power... It doesn't need a tip that big. Ruins the look of the car.
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
Well that's why looks are subjective, and the hp isn't the whole reason, the better it flows the better u can tune it, some people actually prefer function over form
Daniel Eads Oct 08, 2012
I say the 5 extra bhp is not worth Putting that hideous obtrusion on the back of your car.
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
@oren you are wrong my friend, u can't have a 3 inch exhaust and have a 1 inch tip, tip size is relative to the diameter of the exhaust piping the more equal they are the less restriction there is... There for it is for performance, don't assume
Zeus Mocha Oct 08, 2012
I think he meant that in a good way. Though I may be wrong haha
Oren Blumenstein Oct 08, 2012
you don't need a big exhaust tip for there to be performance. the exhaust tip is always just for show
Besim Hojhalli Oct 08, 2012
The point of that exhaust is performance only
Zaire Wilkins Oct 08, 2012
its proper for this car
Tim Puckett Oct 08, 2012
Stupid exaughst
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
Difference being. Diffuser u cannot adjust an only smooths out the air going under the car, a splitter can be adjusted creating downforce on the front of the car
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
@kyle wrong, a diffuser is both front an rear, it's the lower section of the bumper witch affect the air going under the car, a splitter is an external piece that attaches to the bottom of a bumper, supported by 2 adjusting rodes
Kyle Janchenko Oct 08, 2012
It is widely referenced as a splitter when it is in the front, and a diffuser in the back. I wouldn't even point it out, because it's trivial and pointless, but I'm tired of people "calling out" other people and making themselves look dumb...
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
@ben the lower aerodynamic part of the bumper is referred to as the diffuser, a splitter is different... Don't correct people with incorrect information
Ben Webb Oct 08, 2012
It's not a diffuser on the front it's not even a splitter it's just a carbon lip for show
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
Ehhh I hate when people do that put a huge diffuser up front that adds like 2 inches to the bumper but the rest is all stock, looks stupid and Half assed to me
Harry Chagger Oct 08, 2012
love this car.......the supra was the best car toyota made
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
Get ride of the carbon fiber diffuser an it will be good, thing hangs down to much
Matt Piccolo Oct 08, 2012
This ones perfect!!
Maynor Pineda Oct 08, 2012
I want one but I don have money
Aj White Oct 09, 2012
@Maynor It's a dang race car!!! What u mean?!!!
Maynor Pineda Oct 08, 2012
Good but I prefer the stock one....... Im just sayin
尤品敦 Oct 08, 2012
Supra jgtc is better than SC430 super GT
Maynor Pineda Oct 08, 2012
Im in heaven..........
Aiden Bass Oct 08, 2012
The back rims may be lighter than the front. My neighbor has a bright orange and black S15 that he drifts and he's done the same thing with different wheels
supra_mkiv Oct 08, 2012
Supra is a beauty stock no need to change the appearance unless it significantly needs the extra aerodynamics
Carlton Salmon Oct 08, 2012
Agree with Patrick. Also I don't like the bodykit but nice colour and front wheels.
Patrick Schalk Oct 08, 2012
Looks like they take it to the drags.
Sam Biggin Oct 08, 2012
It's what happens when you live in a rough area can never hold into a set of nice rims
Matt Piccolo Oct 08, 2012
Yea why are the rims different lol
John Jenkins Oct 08, 2012
cool body nasty rims