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Published: Oct 08, 2012
Description: Lamborghinis aren't exactly designed to drift (or to race). There are many reasons why this is so. Lambos are heavy; they are more fun to drive in a straight line and some of them are AWD. In fac...
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Facundo Planas Martinelli Oct 10, 2012
Not designed to race? Just straight line? Am I reading well????
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 08, 2012
At 4000 lbs i would definetly cosider an aventador heavy
JB Kolod Oct 08, 2012
Heavy compared to Ferrari does not mean heavy
Mark McRearie Oct 08, 2012
I was wondering the same thing
Rohil Chauhan Oct 08, 2012
Lambos are heavy?
Description: Don't be fooled by the quick cuts and lack of drifting in the beginning of this video. Sure, it starts slow, but the action quickly ramps up. Watching a Murcielago sit sideways is one of life&apo...
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Aj White Oct 09, 2012
I remember when this video came out. It was a favorite of mine for a long time.
Description: Legendary Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni is the man behind the drifting greatness in this video. Balboni flings both a LP550-2 and a LP560-4 (although its AWD kind of kills the fun) around ...
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Aj White Oct 09, 2012
@omarSV rims grinding on floor huh? Lol, the sparks are from the steel belts in the tires
omarSV Oct 09, 2012
they drifted until the rims were grinding on the floor...insane :)
Bill Estep Jr Oct 09, 2012
That's really cool I would live to go to a show n drift exotics like this I bet it would be pretty neat
Description: Autocar drifts a Murcielago LP640 in this short clip. The greatness is somewhat tainted due to the fact that the track is soaking wet. However, that could've been done in an attempt to combat the...
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Description: Everyone knows that a full-sized Lamborghini looks amazing when drifting, but how does an RC Lambo look when sitting sideways? The answer-as expected-is just as good, if not more so.
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Ryan Spencer Oct 08, 2012
Dude, I want one to drive around the house
Natalino Monastra Oct 08, 2012
You use PVC Pipe as the tires and glue the rim . It slides like crazy
Tyler Ghormley Oct 08, 2012
Pretty damn cool
Description: Once again, the AWD of the Gallardo LP560-4 puts a damper on the Lamborghini drifting in this video. Regardless, it's still awesome watching a Lamborghini do borderline drifts around a track.
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Christopher Melendez Oct 09, 2012
there is one but its hidden
Corey Mullis Oct 09, 2012
the best Gallardo