Comments - Underground Turbos R8 GT to 1,000hp

Published: Oct 07, 2012
Description: Best known for its twin-turbo Gallardos, Underground Racing recently got to work on an Audi R8 GT, spending eight weeks on the engine before sending it out to the UAE. The twin-turbo R8 was set up wit...
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Victor Pitts Oct 07, 2012
Lol, I was born into Nissan and literally been a Nismo freak since I was a tiny lad, so you can see me say something about how I'm GTR 500%. Anyways, I love this... 1000hp R8! Sex on wheels with power now! And a proper manny gear box!
Matthew Mazzarelli Oct 07, 2012
UGR told me on a forum that there are already companies doing good with the GTR no need to compete.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 07, 2012
Actually its gonna be 350k. GT go for 250k. But id still take this over a lot of cars under 500k
Jordan Jackson Oct 07, 2012
At this point, I don't think the GTR counts as a sleeper anymore, lol
Nick Schnee Oct 07, 2012
Hang on... 1250hp for barely 250-300K?! That's a steal.
Jon Wheel Oct 07, 2012
I like the stock wheels better.
Jordan Jackson Oct 07, 2012
Or are the side scoops just matte black? The other pic makes it look like matte black for the scoops
Jordan Jackson Oct 07, 2012
Should have made the wheels and side scoops the same shade of black instead of carbon fiber and black
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
@carlton, dosnt matter if its the same engine, it's a different car with different proportion, so would still be alot of fabrication to make it fit
Javier Fuentes Oct 07, 2012
This is absolutly stunning
Lyomp Oct 07, 2012
That is ridiculous
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 07, 2012
Eh its the same v10 engine anyways. But I think R8 weighs more so....
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
And don't quote me on this but I do believe ugr uses air to liquid intercoolers also
William Downs Oct 08, 2012
@alex, u do know this entire system is ceramic coated and the 2 giant boxes are the intercoolers, as much as u think it is, heat ain't to big of a problem for this set up
Alex Renaud Oct 08, 2012
How nice is that? Oh, my. The very hot air that rises off the exhaust must soak into the colder intake air - the 2 systems are that close together.
Rocky Rocker Oct 07, 2012
That's wicked...
Sean Gillespie Oct 07, 2012
I would love to have this car, must sound great
Dillon Magee Oct 07, 2012
That is an impressive engine.
Tara Fitria Oct 07, 2012
R8's always look good.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 07, 2012
Just wanna smack that rearend its so sexy POW