Steampunk Mini Countryman by Carlex

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Brass, copper and leather all come together in Carlex Design’s Steampunk Mini.
The Mini traces its heritage back to an earlier time when the original zipped through London's streets in the 1960s. Carlex Design, however, evidently felt it needed to channel a different era altogether. The result is the steampunk Countryman you see here. The Polish customizer coated the crossover in a hardened matte black wrap and detailed it in bright copper on the roof, wheels and various places in between for a rather novel take on the Mini. But it's inside where the difference is most evident.
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The center console and dashboard have been retrimmed in brass, copper and brown leather. The copper theme carries over to the hazelwood-rimmed steering wheel, along with with a supposedly antique 19th century clock fitted where the airbag should be. All in all it took Carlex nine months to complete the job, so don't expect to see one of these in the parking lot when the circus next rolls into town.

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