Comments - Ken Block's Fiesta Goes from Rally to Rallycross

Published: Oct 07, 2012
Description: You may not have been aware of this before, but Ken Block races in a hybrid. No, it's not a battery-equipped hybrid like the Toyota Prius, but a hooning hybrid. Called the H.F.H.V (Hybrid Functio...
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Description: Block raced the Fiesta on September 23rd at the Olympus Rally in Washington State and in this video, we're taken through the three-day Rallycross conversion process it took to get his Fiesta read...
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Andrew Strong Oct 08, 2012
he'd have all those techs anyways. if it was just him he'd have the car on jack stands by the end of service time.
Andrew Strong Oct 08, 2012
nothing new here. all rally cars are expected and prepared to race on dirt tarmac snow and ice all the same. all this articles says to me is that ken might own an extra set of even stiffer springs.
William Smith Oct 07, 2012
Not cost cause the frame would cost less than all those technicians etc...
William Downs Oct 07, 2012
Probally regulations, some racing series limit u to only 1 car
Ben Norton Oct 07, 2012
Seriously, it seems like two cars would make sense
Bill Estep Jr Oct 07, 2012
Y not jus get two cars
Aiden Bass Oct 07, 2012
Those are obviously TE-37's right?
Stephen Cobbs Oct 07, 2012
I like the fiesta better. Think it looks better personally.
Mark Donnelly Oct 07, 2012
meh i liked it better when he was using the impreza instead of the fiesta
Luke Crigger Oct 12, 2012
Ill take all three
Hektor Yberg Oct 07, 2012
The biggest one of the 4 for me
Stephen Cobbs Oct 07, 2012
Left is the winner
Tyson Broadbent Oct 07, 2012
Yah, left is the winner.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 07, 2012
Gimme the one on the right