Comments - Artega's New Owners Aren't Resuming Production

Published: Oct 07, 2012
Description: Some news we're happier to report than others, but the July announcement of Artega's bankruptcy left us particularly sad. In the Artega GT, the small German upstart had a fantastic-looking ...
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Carlton Salmon Oct 08, 2012
Such a great looking little car.
Description: Artega did find a new buyer, only that new buyer apparently has no plans to restart production at all. Artega's new owner is German OEM parts supplier Paragon AG, which provides electronic system...
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Wyatt Gordon Oct 07, 2012
arseholes. They need to start making it again!
Carlton Salmon Oct 08, 2012
I can now see where the new Alfa Romeo 4C got its inspiration from...
Wyatt Gordon Oct 07, 2012
I love this thing! such a beautiful little car!
Dillon Magee Oct 07, 2012
That's too bad. I liked it.
Aidan Ingram Oct 07, 2012
Although the car was rarely heard of, I think the cars simple design made it look phenomenal!
Adam Thomson Aug 15, 2013
Polestar color!