Comments - Unique of the Week: 1951 Hudson Hornet Convertible

Published: Oct 06, 2012
Description: After the allied victory in World War II, America went into an economic boom period and the days in which automakers were forced to adjust their mass production capabilities for the war effort were ov...
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Carl ed Feb 03, 2013
@Matty cool, i've been in a non-convertable one of these
Matty Michaels Oct 06, 2012
@Dhruv He did what in his cup!?! Little known fact: Pixar actually got ahold of a hornet to record engine/exhaust noise for the movie.
Description: It was then that automakers such as Packard, Nash and Hudson were true competitors to the likes of today's Detroit Big Three. The former are sadly all gone now, but their historical influence rem...
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Description: Passenger space was also generous as taking the family for a leisurely Sunday drive was very common. The Hornet was available as a coupe, convertible or a sedan at launch and was powered by a 5.0-lite...
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Aaron Crisp Oct 06, 2012
5.0 in this sounds awesome!
Zach Wilson Oct 07, 2012
when cars were beautiful to look at
Description: The following year, a redesigned Hornet came to market, but the Hudson brand was now a part of the newly formed American Motors Corporation, which was a merger of the Hudson and Nash-Kelvinator automa...
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Description: This 1951 Hudson Hornet, which underwent a full restoration in 1994, is just one of 500 convertibles built that year. Considering the restoration is 18 years old now, the car's overall condition ...
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