Comments - Unearthed: 1971 Saab 96 V4

Published: Oct 06, 2012
Description: By now we all know that Saab as we once knew it is gone and will never come back the way it was. While Chinese automaker Youngman has reportedly struck a deal to revive the Swedish automaker, don&apos...
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Terrance Parker Oct 07, 2012
This is a smart looking car. It's the business!!
Reid Huff Oct 06, 2012
They are building cars again in 2014. I wish that carbuzz would actually have an article about that.
Ahmed Barrasali Oct 06, 2012
Sorry that Saab is not in business any more. This model should be modernized it will look great.
Reid Huff Oct 06, 2012
I love these. I see them every day.
Description: The 96 debuted in 1960 as the replacement for the 93, both of which were based on a stretched version of the same 92 model chassis. Like its predecessor, the 96 looked like a demented jelly bean but t...
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Description: After some internal company debate about whether to switch to a four stroke engine or stick with the old three-cylinder unit, the 96 V4 was introduced and it finally gave the car the extra power it ne...
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Sam Shikora Oct 07, 2012
1.7 liters is 1,700cc, so how did it compete in a class that was only up to 750cc?
Description: Despite not being the most conventional car on the market, the 96 soldiered on until it finally ended production in 1980 with more than 547,000 units built. It was updated aesthetically inside and out...
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Description: The seller claims the engine is also in good condition without any leaks or smoke. Even the clutch and suspension are in excellent shape and with only 11,900 miles on the odometer, the "Buy it No...
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Joshua Oct 06, 2012
Haha the first thing I tought
Sebastian Grey Oct 06, 2012
You could fit four, maybe five, bodies back there. Just saying...