Comments - Pagani Reveals Zonda 764 Passione

Published: Oct 06, 2012
Description: Italian automaker Pagani has produced what is expected to be the last Zonda it will ever build. The special example is dubbed the 764 Passione, and was snapped at the company's Modena showroom by...
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Jorge Gonzalez Oct 08, 2012
This is the last of this Zonda. But there will be another last Zonda before they make the last Zonda, which will pave the way for the last Zonda.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 08, 2012
I think Pagani should keep building the Zonda because clearly ther is still a demand for it. Just do a slight redesign. I would much rather have a zonda then a huyara.
Zach Sullivan Oct 07, 2012
yet another last zonda everyone shed a tear but remember that another one will be along in a few months anyway lol
Jordan Jackson Oct 07, 2012
Zonda* friggin auto correct
Jordan Jackson Oct 07, 2012
Wait this might be the same zones they were talking about before, im pretty sure the last pics we had were mock ups of the car before they made it
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Oct 07, 2012
Cant wait for the next last zonda
Zachary Maurer Oct 06, 2012
This is the "last" zonda after the convertible version then the open air version
Tyler Ray DeFord Oct 06, 2012
@Matty darn it you beat me to that joke
Matty Michaels Oct 06, 2012
When did Brett Farve start working at Pagani?
Ben Bourdon Oct 06, 2012
I almost feel bad for the people who thought they had bought the last Zonda, only to find out there are many more. Actually I don't feel bad cause they get to own a Zonda
Tiago Santos Maia Oct 06, 2012
How long has been since "the last Zonda" is said to be produced?
Sebastian Grey Oct 06, 2012
Seriously, they need to let this car go already, this is getting ridiculous.
Stephen Cobbs Oct 06, 2012
Yeah hahaha good joke
Thibault Leroy Oct 06, 2012
Yeah this is the "last" zonda XD
Jared Garner Oct 08, 2012
Paganis are awesome cars
Wyatt Gordon Oct 06, 2012
If I could have any Zonda, it would be a Cinque Coupe. even though I'd sell it to get an Aston One-77.
Description: While most Zondas were equipped with sequential transmissions, this one has the same six-spped manual as F1 champ Lewis Hamilton's Zonda 760LH. Tricolore racing stripes give it an extra dash of I...
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Ben Bourdon Oct 06, 2012
Pagani needs to get it over with and make an F1 car. If they keep this up the next version of the Zonda might just be one.
Zach Sullivan Oct 08, 2012
yeah really of course they look the same up until the sneeze pagani only made one model just different variations of it
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 08, 2012
You mean all zondas look the same. But thats beacause they are all ZONDAS!
Daniel Glz Chibli Oct 07, 2012
All paganis look the same
Nick Jones Oct 07, 2012
Pagani needs to stop the bs and bring back the zonda or At least have the next model be similar
Maynor Pineda Oct 07, 2012
They did good this time
Omair Lukmani Oct 07, 2012
I respectfully disagree with Zachary and agree with everyone underneath
Zachary Maurer Oct 06, 2012
I disagree...that this isn't amazing
David Eslava Oct 06, 2012
Agree with Jordan
Jordan Neal Oct 06, 2012
I also have an opinion similar to those previously displayed
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Oct 07, 2012
This is now one of my favorite zondas the F is still the best though IMO
Zachary Maurer Oct 06, 2012
@tyler, ok batman, your suppost to drive a lambo
Tyler Ray DeFord Oct 06, 2012
With a few modifications (bat logo) this is the next batmobile.
Dylan Bruder Oct 06, 2012
It flows so well
Thibault Leroy Oct 06, 2012
Yeah its really cool
Bradley Masonn Oct 07, 2012
V12, I'm in love
Darian Vorlick Oct 06, 2012
Jonathan you beat me to that quote. Hahaha
Dillon Dixon Oct 06, 2012
That view of the engine and chassis of the Zonda R is my current background on my computer. It's just such a masterpiece! Just look at it!