Comments - Nissan to Relaunch Datsun with 2 Budget Models

Published: Oct 05, 2012
Description: Back in March we reported on plans to revive Datsun. Enthusiasts hoping for a return of the cool, affordable cars of the 60s (such as the 240Z and 510), however, were left underwhelmed by Nissan'...
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Chris Bridgers Oct 05, 2012
Sounds pretty wicked, these things r fun when they get moving!
Alex Renaud Oct 05, 2012
That may not sound like much, but she weighs only 1810 lbs wet, with me in it. So she's gonna move.
Alex Renaud Oct 05, 2012
I am currently restoring a 1969 Datsun 510 for the street and track. I love that little thing. It's hyper tuned, stroked, cammed, bored, L16 engine will crank out 246 HP at the wheels.
Joshua Oct 06, 2012
I'm a purist... Love this Z.. But one day I'm stuffing one of these with a REINIK spec RB26DETT
Ethan Amo Oct 05, 2012
Even with all the modern cars, this remains a favourite of mine
Alex Renaud Oct 05, 2012
Was sexy? She still very much is. The early S30s were classically styled. My kid brother drives a fully restored 1972 240z.
Zaire Wilkins Oct 05, 2012
very clean and sexy
Dylan Bruder Oct 05, 2012
I agree they got this one just right
Matt Piccolo Oct 05, 2012
These were awesome!
Description: Speaking with Inside Line, a senior Nissan source said: "The vehicles will occupy different segments and markets for Nissan. (They will be) bringing a different set of attributes at different pri...
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Josh Stephens May 11, 2013
Wow you ppl need to read more thoroughly
Sebastian Soroka Oct 06, 2012
Yea what's up with you guys? That is NOT a typo. Look it up. In order to compete with the Tata it must be priced that way. Tata has a starting price of around $2000.00
Paul Dickey Oct 06, 2012
Nope not a typo. Nissan is pricing these new datsuns around three thousand dollars and selling them in emerging markets
Alex Renaud Oct 06, 2012
Sorry, I totally misread the article, the 3 grand was a typo.
Alex Renaud Oct 06, 2012
Hey guys, the article is talking about these things going for 3 grand brand new 40+ years ago - not what the new models will cost when they come out. And I agree, it's going to on par with Scion.
Chris Bridgers Oct 05, 2012
3k? u could import one for under 15k if done roght
Rafael Verissimo Oct 05, 2012
sadly not for america but I will surely Import one.... these cars are awesome
Paul Dickey Oct 05, 2012
It won't hit the us market and yes it will be priced around 3 grand.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 05, 2012
Yep, smells like a newfangled Scion ta me
Ben Norton Oct 05, 2012
Sadly not for America... but I wish it would be! Even if they sold them for 10k over here they would go like crazy. Probably don't meet our crash standards
Cody Fullerton Oct 05, 2012
In some markets it will be priced like that. It would get laughed off the US market though
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 05, 2012
No car will hit the market at 3000.00 has to be 30,000
Joshua Oct 06, 2012
If ever... Maybe a CA18.. But I agree this cars are better with numbers matching
Alex Renaud Oct 06, 2012
Good point, Jackson, those engines are great; I just meant that they don't belong in the PL510s.
Jackson Bond Oct 05, 2012
@alex, i agree the original motors are beastly, but you can't call the sr20 a garbage motor!
Alex Renaud Oct 05, 2012
Then they tend to push (under steer) into corners when you drive them hard.
Alex Renaud Oct 05, 2012
Hey, this looks just like mine. I've kept mine period correct with a NA L16, none of this SR, RB, VG garbage. Those engine tend to weigh more than the L-series engines, which throws off the near perfect 50-50 balance from the factory (front heavy).
Zaire Wilkins Oct 05, 2012
reminds me of a BMW 3 series
Zach Sullivan Oct 05, 2012
@Dan I was watching something on speed channel a couple years ago and a guy had a time attack 510 with either a rb25 or rb26 I don't remember which but it was a rocket with wheels
Wayne Joseph Borean Oct 05, 2012
I had a 510. Great little car, you could drive it down the road sideways, looking through the driver's side window to see the road. Scared the hell out of some friends of mine by doing that while they were in the car!
Jordan Jackson Oct 05, 2012
For drag racing at least
Jordan Jackson Oct 05, 2012
Basically a cheat code for forza 3 if you could tune if right, lol
Taylor Garry Oct 05, 2012
Damn thats a clean 510
Tara Fitria Oct 05, 2012
This is a very nice example.
Jackson Bond Oct 05, 2012
It's a Datsun 510, slap an sr20det in there and squeal the tires for days
Carlton Salmon Oct 05, 2012
Me too. Kind of reminds me of the Fiat Supermirafiori of around the same period.
Cory Allen Oct 05, 2012
I actually like these!
Aaron Cartwright Oct 05, 2012
Love these cars, and really miss my old 240z!!
Corey Mullis Oct 05, 2012
i would sell my leg for one of these if i didnt need it for the clutch :)