Comments - Jaguar Developing F-Type GT3 with Williams F1?

Published: Oct 05, 2012
Description: Jaguar may have only just launched the new F-Type mere days ago, but already the sportscar is proving to be the start of something new for the marque from Coventry. Launched with three engines right f...
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Ahmed Al Harthy Mar 21, 2013
Sam Biggin Oct 07, 2012
What about the xk it's sort stepping on its toes a bit
Cody Gillard Oct 06, 2012
Nice clean lines looks like the old bmw z8 in the back in my opinion
Daniel Alexander Soutar Oct 05, 2012
In the UK, this thing brings the V8 to the table at just under £80 grand. Vulnerable to the GT-R, yes, but not bad company against the Porsche 911 Carrera S...
Matt Piccolo Oct 05, 2012
All I can say is wow! This thing is absolutely stunning!
Dylan Knapp Oct 05, 2012
I really like this car, but for the price of the s I think I'd rather buy a gtr. But they are in two completely different categories so I guess that's just me
Ben Nitka Oct 05, 2012
They'll probably have a hardtop to present at the LA Auto show.
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 05, 2012
I want a hardtop version, and then I will be happy
Ashen Fonseka Oct 05, 2012
I need to go change my pants
Description: The competition-spec F-Type would likely compete in the GT3 class of various motor racing series around the world, probably using a tuned version of the supercharged V8 that sits at the top of the ran...
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Michael Henderson Oct 05, 2012
More than likely use a tuned version of the N/A V8. Superchargers and turbo's don't tend to be used in GT3 plus a N/A engine is more responsive.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 05, 2012
There it is! I'd love one of these!