Comments - Chris Harris Previews Porsche 918 Spyder

Published: Oct 05, 2012
Description: Rarely does Harris review a car from the passenger's seat, but for the ingenious Porsche 918 Spyder he made a wise exception. While posting a blisterng 7:14 lap time at the Nurburgring, Porsche i...
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Jason Ortiz Oct 19, 2012
Complete beast!!!!
Walker Carroll Oct 05, 2012
I wonder why carbuZz deleted my comment. I was just saying that I like the martini livery on the car
Justen Castle Oct 05, 2012
Thanks, Daniel. I can see the lines now for the removable top, don't know how I missed that before.
Daniel Eads Oct 05, 2012
Justen, it is a convertible just he keeps the top on while driving.
Justen Castle Oct 05, 2012
Aren't Spyders supposed to be a convertible? Maybe they are thinking convertible as in the different driving modes? It's a bit of a stretch though.
Description: They discuss the phenomenally complication chassis calibration and other interesting areas of Porsche's latest technological showpiece, which packs a 4.6-liter V8 coupled to a pair of electric mo...
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Stephen Harry Goldberg Oct 09, 2012
Im not sure if it's possible, but I hope/look forward to seeing an aftermarket tuner fitting a few turbos to this. Should get it up over 900 and do some real damage.
Jairo Garcia Oct 06, 2012
That's Porsche for you, always top German engineering. Crazy how technology keeps advancing rapidly.
Benjamin Mayorquin Oct 05, 2012
Really?? Only four comments on this masterpiece??
Seth Pettman Oct 05, 2012
Loving this ride!!
William Downs Oct 05, 2012
Ok I'm sold, that's freaking crazy, cruise around in silent mode, turn on race and get that nice sounding v8, congrats Porsche
Zeus Mocha Oct 05, 2012
I like how the exhausts are placed
Justin Brest Oct 06, 2012
I do like the car... how can you not? but is it just me or does this look like a picture of a replica of the car?
Rum Pirates Oct 05, 2012
Porsche is the best, hands down.
Dillon Dixon Oct 05, 2012
Veyron, yes. Over the Venom? God, that would be one very difficult choice!
John Serely Oct 05, 2012
Simply gorgeous. This over a veyron, venom gt for me!
Description: Porsche predicts a 0-60 mph time of less than 3 seconds and a top speed of over 202 mph, with fuel consumption forecasted at 78 mpg. Variable aerodynamics, adaptive rear-axle steering and an upwards-e...
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Quinn Rogers Oct 07, 2012
@Sam still 39 mpg in a 770hp supercar is really impressive
Sam Biggin Oct 07, 2012
I'd put my house on it not doing 78mpg in the real world. Be nearer half that
David Liebe Hart Oct 06, 2012
And my humble town of Nashville is getting one! Lucky us
Pratik Parija Oct 05, 2012
78 mpg?! That's sick!!
Pablo Herasme Oct 05, 2012
0-60 in 3 seconds 202mph, silent mode, 78mpg, Damn
Pratik Parija Oct 05, 2012
It's always good to see a different looking Porsche like the Carrera GT & now 908.
Michael Horne Oct 05, 2012
The 80's kid in me wants to slap an Autobot logo on this car and call it Jazz!
Daniel Alexander Soutar Oct 05, 2012
Apparently the exhausts were moved to the top because of packaging issues. I think it looks mega with this livery, but 1700kg? Only slightly less than a Veyron, with a LOT less power...
Cody Gillard Oct 05, 2012
Looks pretty cool
Andrew Semak Oct 05, 2012
What's with the exhaust on the top? I like the side exhaust on the concept better.
Dillon Dixon Oct 05, 2012
I love everything about it! It's so smooth and curvy! Such sexy curves.