Comments - Jay Leno Drives Datsun 240Z in Japan

Published: Oct 04, 2012
Description: Most of the time, when Jay Leno tests a car, the automaker brings it to his garage. But this time, the Denim Chin flew out to Japan to visit Nissan's headquarters and drive the legendary Fairlady...
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Description: The car collector king wraps up by offering his own ideas as to what he would like in the 370Z successor, scheduled for 2014/15. Check out what he comes up with by watching the full episode below.
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Devin Babyn Oct 04, 2012
I agree Corey, I really want the Silvia to come back. Don't even need to change much body wise from the last one. RWD, turbo four and under 3000 pounds, I'd be in love
Lou Guerrero Oct 04, 2012
Those are factory flares. It's a Fairlady ZG. Surprised he didn't know that.
Kyle Sxfxhgbdsfhbgds Oct 04, 2012
I can't stand Jay. He bothers me.
Corey Mullis Oct 04, 2012
i think they should bring the Fairlady back but not as the 370 successor, the z cars have gotten too up market what we need is another silvia that looks like this
Victor Pitts Oct 04, 2012
Timeless design.
David Justice Oct 04, 2012
An American not bashing a non American car, who would have thought?
Ashen Fonseka Oct 04, 2012
Must have car in car collection
Nick Ricci Oct 06, 2012
You're hideous. This car is an icon.
Ian Barger Oct 04, 2012
This car is hideous