Comments - 4 Awesome Mercedes Drift Videos

Published: Oct 04, 2012
Description: Most people don't think of Mercedes-Benz as a company that builds solid drift cars. Indeed, the Silver Arrow has built its name on creating luxury sedans and coupes as well as the occasional supe...
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Description: Mercedes AMG celebrated its two millionth YouTube view by drifting a C63 AMG Coupe around the Laguna Seca Corkscrew. The original video released was a little too edited, but Mercedes AMG quickly recti...
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Ayman Ab T Oct 05, 2012
This sound make me cry
Brandon Metzger Oct 04, 2012
@Sean both are great cars
Sean Sutton Oct 04, 2012
AMG for Pros M series for losers
Charlie Austin Oct 04, 2012
Those were the cleanest drifts I have ever seen
Description: This is the original video that Mercedes AMG shot to celebrate 2 million views. If you prefer quick cuts and views of smoking tires, then this is for you.
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Janak Solanki Oct 07, 2012
That car sounds insane
Description: Mauro Carlo set a world record for the longest continual drift when he slid a C63 AMG with a Performance Pack around an oval for 7,572 feet. Burning rubber for over a mile and a half is an accomplishm...
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Aj White Oct 07, 2012
Kinda but a donut is usually in a tighter circle with the rear wheels taking the full force of the maneuver and the fronts just focusing around a central point. This is a drift.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Oct 05, 2012
Is that technically a doughnut?
Description: You may find yourself booking a spot in the Mercedes AMG Winter Driving Academy after watching this video. There aren't many things more fun to do than throw a big Benz around a snowy track.
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Kenneth Wayne Brown II Oct 05, 2012
This is a magnificent machine. Thank you Germany!
Dillon Magee Oct 04, 2012
Idk if I would want it in this black or a white.
Thibault Leroy Oct 04, 2012
Love the black series
John Serely Oct 04, 2012
@brock no, this is a C63 AMG Black Series
Nick Benz Oct 04, 2012
Shit this is awesome.