Comments - 2013 Beetle Convertible Breaks Cover

Published: Oct 04, 2012
Description: Volkswagen has just released full details and pictures of its new Beetle Convertible, roughly a month before its official live debut at the LA Auto Show. Like its fixed-roof counterpart, the convertib...
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Jason W. Evers Oct 04, 2012
I thought by the name of the article that the convertible roof had already broken.
Kenneth Wayne Brown II Oct 05, 2012
Hey baby... Goin my way? *in my butt-head voice*
Lando Peraza Oct 05, 2012
I think that guy is full blown gay and that's his lady friend ... They r in the desert because neither know how get the GPS to work.... Ladies r not good very good when it comes to directions... Sorry ladies
Gabriel Alban Oct 04, 2012
I think we can all agree this is every man's dream car
Brandon Bairian Oct 04, 2012
Just barfed in my mouth
statusone Oct 04, 2012
they should kill this car. itts boring now... and ugly
Matt Piccolo Oct 04, 2012
The perfect chick car
Avery Williams Oct 04, 2012
The girl is perfect for this car but the guy is just irrelevant.
Description: VW developed what it calls an Automatic Rollover Support System, which consists of two roll-over bars that are hidden behind the back of the rear seat. In the case of an accident, they're activat...
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Description: Diesel fans can opt for the 2.0-liter TDI oil burner and its 140 hp and 236 lb-ft power output that's mated to the same transmission options as the gas turbo model. The interior layout is also id...
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John Garcia Oct 05, 2012
Lol 236 lb of torque, that's more than some older v6 mustangs haha
Lando Peraza Oct 05, 2012
Yep they r lost..
Kyle Rawn Oct 04, 2012
Lol at Carlton's comment.
Barry Boo Wilson Oct 04, 2012
A model with a bug just doesn't work lol
Carlton Salmon Oct 04, 2012
Broken down already?
Jamison Lyman Oct 12, 2012
Volkswagen OWNS Porsche. Not the other way around.
Chris Gaines Oct 05, 2012
the reason I was biased against Porsche (before I drove the 997) was because it was based on the beetle. beetles should look like Porsches now and the 911 should have evolved into the more aesthetically pleasing shapes of the carerra gt and cayman
Gabriel Alban Oct 04, 2012
The only reason i acknowledge this car is beacause porshe originally based their cars on the beetle
Dillon Dixon Oct 04, 2012
It actually looks really good in this pic. If I had to have a beetle though, it would be the new coupe. No convertible bug for me.
Raymond Reynoso Oct 05, 2012
Funny cuz Porsche owns over 50% of VW.
Zaire Wilkins Oct 04, 2012
the new beetle is very muscular this go round
Caner Ozdemir Oct 04, 2012
As weird it looks on the outside, I love the interior!
Zaire Wilkins Oct 04, 2012
very german (porsche like) even though VW owns 100% of porsche
Sebastian Grey Oct 04, 2012
Yeah that looks like a nice place to be.
Trey Reilly Oct 04, 2012
Can't help but love that interior