Comments - Wald Supercharges Lexus GS350 for SEMA

Published: Oct 31, 2012
Description: Lexus isn't quite ready to show off the new GS F performance model variant just yet, so to quench loyal enthusiasts' thirsts for added power, the Japanese automaker has prepared a supercharg...
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Ethan Amo Nov 01, 2012
I prefer a twin-turbo 6
Waleed Alshahri Nov 01, 2012
According to, the GS-F will be powered by the LFA's 4.8-liter V10 engine, but reduced to 4.6-liters and with around 460hp (compared to the LFA's 552hp).
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
This looks pretty good. Definitely an upgrade
Jeffrey Frank Oct 31, 2012
Might hang with a F10 550, but that's about it.
Justin Routh Oct 31, 2012
M5 killer? HAH a supercharger on a 300hp v6 wont come close to taking down the M5. Its got a twin turbo V8 making 560hp i doubt lexus will beat the ultimate driving machine any time soon
Waleed Alshahri Oct 31, 2012
It would be the M5 killer.
Ray Liu Oct 31, 2012
I love the new design language of Lexus!
Dylan Bruder Oct 31, 2012
I'm not crazy about the spindle grill and the piece that juts out on the sill but not bad
Bala Uncc Oct 31, 2012
The new gs looks great.
Jeffrey Frank Oct 31, 2012
And with a little more power, like this, it's tempting.
Jeffrey Frank Oct 31, 2012
Not a big fan of many of today's sedan designs, but Lexus nailed it with the new GS. And with
Description: Lexus has also added a new coilover suspension from RSR, Brembo GT Brakes and a set of big 20-inch Vossen CV7 wheels wrapped in high-performance Yokohama S. Drive tires. The new project's true fo...
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Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
Yeah you can if you turn up the boost.
Tn Ng Oct 31, 2012
I doubt your gonna get 200hp from a supercharger alone.
Dylan Bruder Oct 31, 2012
Id guess more like 420-430 range
Bill Estep Jr Oct 31, 2012
I'd say 500 horses wit the supercharger on it
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
Much better than factory. That trunk lid is tits.
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
That's sick! Leis has really bumped it up a notch in styling in the last few years!
Bala Uncc Oct 31, 2012
Way to go Lexus
Jose Carlos Oct 31, 2012
Sexy stuff right there. Good job, good job!!!
David Hicks Oct 31, 2012
Sicker than AIDS.
Serge Pankratov Oct 31, 2012
Shoot thats a good lookin lexus!