Comments - New Maserati QPorte Scantily Clad

Published: Oct 31, 2012
Description: Two new Maserati sedans are currently under development, the 2014 Quattroporte and the smaller Ghibli. The former was recently spied for the first time in Italy without the heavy cladding we've b...
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Dillon Magee Oct 31, 2012
Im excited. This looks good.
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
Looks good so far
Garrett Hullender Oct 31, 2012
But now it is covered up so you never know what exactly its going to look like.
Garrett Hullender Oct 31, 2012
I don't really like it. I understand what mean by it being more aggressive but it's still a 4-door salon car. I liked it before this
John Serely Oct 31, 2012
It looks like its incorporating the more aggressive front end of the gran turismo...which is a very, very good thing
Quinn Rogers Oct 31, 2012
That looks awesome
Description: Ferrari is set to build a new forced-induction V6 and naturally-aspirated V8 that will likely power this Italian sedan when it debuts at the Paris Motor Show this September. The six-cylinder model is ...
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Sam Biggin Nov 03, 2012
They will need a deisel
Stephen Reed Warren II Nov 01, 2012
Nah. Keep them expensive. A $25k premium over a loaded S class for exclusivity
Vince Cassi Oct 31, 2012
To compete with the Germans, Maserati will need to have these cars priced much lower than they are now.
John Serely Oct 31, 2012
The v6 better sound very good
Thibault Leroy Oct 31, 2012
I think theres a typo with the Paris motoe show. I think you mean frankfurt
Alex O'Brian Nov 01, 2012
Looks good from here
Michael Nascimento Oct 31, 2012
Take away the lights and it looks like an Infiniti M56 a bit
Tracy Keiser Dron Oct 31, 2012
Yo, Brandin... Talking about the taillights and the lines under the trunk lid... Don't be a smartasss
Rachel Ribeiro Oct 31, 2012
Like the old one better ,not digging that rear end
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
IMO, this looks pretty good so far! :)
Tracy Keiser Dron Oct 31, 2012
Back kinda looks like the Audi a4
Garrett Hullender Oct 31, 2012
The back isnt looking so good....