Description: Times are tough right now at Lotus with major financial problems creating an uncertain future. Debts to suppliers of some $400 million, coupled with razor-thin profit margins on its three-model lineup...
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Nick Schnee Nov 01, 2012
I don't see why they shouldn't merge, unless this is very risky for Aston. After all, if nothing happens, Lotus will die anyway... And nobody wants that to happen, right?
Matt Piccolo Nov 01, 2012
All I care is that lotus doesn't go under... Whoever they can join up with to make then profitable again, I'm all fore it
supra_mkiv Nov 01, 2012
This would make me happy just imagine if Lotus came back with strong success. I always liked their machines.
Joseph Flieder Oct 31, 2012
Both are great ideas I'm in. How much?
Alex Klemstein Oct 31, 2012
How about celebrating it with an Esprit powered by an Aston V8/V12?
Nick Schnee Oct 31, 2012
Who agrees they should celebrate the merge with a special edition V12 Exige S? :D :P
Matt Piccolo Nov 01, 2012
This is awesome
Joseph Flieder Oct 31, 2012
Lamborghini with smoother lines, I love this!
Ryan William Sprenkle Oct 31, 2012
Looks the way a lambo should!
Colby Church Oct 31, 2012
Lol, I agree, that's exactly what it looks like!
Blaise Harned Oct 31, 2012
Haha that's exactly what I thought!
Rohil Chauhan Oct 31, 2012
If a 458 had sex with a gallardo this is what the child would look like. Mad
Mike Bakhsheshi Oct 31, 2012
Looks like a lambo
Dillon Dixon Oct 31, 2012
Then go out of business because of going bankrupt. I like some if these concepts, but I don't want lotus to be killed because they attempted to build them.
Aung Thant Hein Sketch Oct 31, 2012
Without that fcking proton, lotus would be already making this kind of awesome cars
Description: While a new Esprit may still happen within our lifetimes, Automobile magazine is floating rumors that claim a possible merger may take place between Lotus and fellow UK automaker Aston Martin. The id...
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DjVegar No Imitations Nov 01, 2012
Aston Martin would also have more affordable cars to market aswell so ain't bad either way there gonna make money
Swarun Kulasekaran Nov 01, 2012
Internal competition wouldn't be a bad thing either. In a segment of cars, Aston would be making profit on the higher market share for that segment
Description: Such a merger, however would require raising between $1.1 and $1.6 billion to pay off debts and acquire a controlling interest as well as other regular business functions. In the end Aston Martin may...
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Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 02, 2012
So that money would pay off Lotus's crippling debts. But Aston can hardly afford it. I'm absolutely all for this idea, but whether they can shoulder the burden is another matter entirely...
David Guerrero Nov 01, 2012
This. Is. Pornography.
Scott Shrader Nov 01, 2012
If you can't see the resemblance between this and a Jag, you must be blind. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but they do look similar. I do like the Esprit, but I'm not sure that it is ready to compete at a price level similar to the 458 or Lambo
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 01, 2012
Just saw the Vanquish. Best looking Aston ever. Except the 1-77 of course
Ryan William Sprenkle Oct 31, 2012
My absolute favorite car!!!
Daniel Alexander Soutar Oct 31, 2012
I think he was referring to the fact that Astons are LIKE Jaguars, which to be fair, cannot be discredited entirely. I really hope this deal pulls off, though. Both companies need it...
Vince Cassi Oct 31, 2012
No Jaguar XK has a V12 -.-
William Downs Oct 31, 2012
This is from long after jag and Aston had any affiliation with each other plus u have it wrong jag was copying Aston, get your facts straight
Ryan Veitch Oct 31, 2012
Simply beautiful :)
William Downs Oct 31, 2012
I'm not the only one that noticed the license plate am I ?. Things probably quick as hell too
Nodnarb Ydil Oct 31, 2012
The Exige is a beautiful car. Ass end and all
Joseph Flieder Oct 31, 2012
So what she's a butter girl. I'd still her the loving she needs ;)