Comments - Kia Releases Five Justice League Editions at SEMA

Published: Oct 31, 2012
Description: A couple of weeks ago we brought you news and initial photos of a collaborative effort between DC Comics and Kia. But the resulting Batman edition Optima revealed in New York was just the first in a s...
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Kyle McCullough Oct 31, 2012
LMFAO what fitting cars for aqua man and green lantern
William Downs Oct 31, 2012
I would drive that Batman optima no problem
Clay Williams Oct 31, 2012
These are good for giggles but would anyone really want to drive one of these?
Description: The Flash-inspired Forte Koup by West Coat Customs is airbrushed in red, orange and yellow. Fitted to the custom coilover suspension are 20-inch Asanti wheels, while the interior is decked out in blac...
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Description: The Aquaman-inspired Rio was also done by West Coast Customs with a gold, green and orange paintjob, custom fins, Oracle LED illumination and 20" Asanti wheels. The interior has been upholstered ...
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Monsef Abaid Nov 25, 2012
Cool !!
Description: The Batman edition Optima SX Limited was also worked up by Rides magazine in tone-on-tone matte and gloss black, lowered coilover suspension, ground effects kit, Ksport brakes, 20" wheels, custom...
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Tara Landry Boudreaux Oct 31, 2012
Yes it does looks good on this car
Bill Estep Jr Nov 01, 2012
I do even when I see the fake vents u get from autozone on little beater cars but my mind usually goes blank wit a big question mark
Bill Estep Jr Oct 31, 2012
What's in that scoop. Is it supposed to make it faster I don't get it
Maaz Khan Oct 31, 2012
Seriously needs more blue
Bill Estep Jr Oct 31, 2012
U'd think it would be blue
Brendan Bell Oct 31, 2012
I'm guessing it was national bling day when they thought up this
Garrett Hullender Oct 31, 2012
I would not want to drive that ugly thing
Ben Doolittle Oct 31, 2012
Needs a snorkel.
Bill Estep Jr Oct 31, 2012
What's up wit that side skirt
Josh Carter Nov 02, 2012
those rims some seriously sick shit.... yo
Garrett Hullender Oct 31, 2012
Damn those rims o-0
JB Kolod Oct 31, 2012
Damn those tires are nearly slick
Bill Estep Jr Oct 31, 2012
It gets better mileage than the green hornet lol
Dillon Magee Oct 31, 2012
definitely the best.
William Downs Oct 31, 2012
Best looking one out of the group, they should have tinted the windows though, can't believe they forgot to do that... regardless this one looks great
Guy Maggi Oct 31, 2012
Are those AMG rims?
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 31, 2012
That grille is sick