Comments - Hyundai's Custom Coupes Take Center Stage at SEMA

Published: Oct 31, 2012
Description: Hyundai has arrived at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 2012 SEMA Show with an impressive lineup of tuned concepts, including a special edition RE:MIX Veloster, a mint green JP Edition Veloster...
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Description: No more details on the car were provided, save for stating it will be hitting Hyundai dealerships before the winter priced at $19,900 for the manual and $21,150 for the DCT. The mint-green Veloster c...
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Description: The JP edition also has a KW coilover suspension, Whiteline sway bars and anti-lift kit, and Brembo brakes. 19-inch Blacked-out Ray's Gram Lights Xtreme57 alloys round of the exterior treatment, ...
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David Lee Nov 01, 2012
Why is the torque lower than stock -.-
MissLaura Anne Nov 02, 2012
Good lord !
JB Kolod Oct 31, 2012
Agree with nick
Frederick Perez Oct 31, 2012
The best of all three-imo
Nick Sti Oct 31, 2012
Definitely my favorite. First is way too plain for SEMA, and the stanced genesis just looks silly
Description: The increased output comes courtesy of an ARK DT-S exhaust, an ECU flash, a boost controller, SPEC Stage 2 Clutch and a host of parts by Chase Bays including a power steering kit, engine grounds, and ...
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Brandon Bairian Nov 05, 2012
They slammed it like that to reduce the drag to get the 40 mpg certification back :))
Terrance Parker Nov 02, 2012
I love elantra's, I wonder how much trunk space you have with the compressor for the suspension bags?
Darian Vorlick Nov 01, 2012
The old school ricer in me is digging the fender flares and deep dish wheels.
Paul Brodrecht Nov 01, 2012
That looks like a cheap rice rocket you see in a high school parking lot, the same one that losses to most mid size sedans, while also losing its ugly bumpers on speed bumps. Thats not a tuned car, its a rice
James Buster Oct 31, 2012
It looks plastic and horrible
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 31, 2012
Nice it looks like a BMW, just smaller
Rachel Ribeiro Oct 31, 2012
Yeah they both suck
Jackson Bond Oct 31, 2012
The wheels would work without the body kit,
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 31, 2012
I think any high school kid can do that.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 31, 2012
Yeah..... Not so much
Matt Sutton Oct 31, 2012
Wow...thats the best they can do for SEMA?? I love the GC's, but i could have done a better car for the show.
Nick Sti Oct 31, 2012
Wheels don't work, too low, front bumper looks hollow and cheap, color isnt all that great...
Darian Vorlick Nov 01, 2012
I used to work for Hyundai's advertising agency last decade. It's personally interesting to see HMA on the plate. It stands for Hyundai Motor America but it was used as an internal billing code. Just brought on some nostalgia.
Shannon Sims Oct 31, 2012
The rear is about the most attractive angel on this car otherwise it's a FAIL!!!