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Published: Oct 31, 2012
Description: These haven't been easy times for a lot of car guys. Being able to afford a new sports car that's great to drive, well-built and something special often seems like a thing of the past, a Bab...
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Chase Huddles Nov 01, 2012
Not to be critical, but every other auto site was proclaiming this kind of stuff back in early 2012. This article offers really no new incites about the Toybaro , other that Nissan is going to be doing something similar with the new 240. Just sayn.
John Atnip Oct 31, 2012
Great editorial read!
Lou Guerrero Oct 31, 2012
Yeah, it's been a while.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Oct 31, 2012
Keep with your Editorials!! They're nice!:)
Alex Renaud Oct 31, 2012
There's nothing like driving sideways.
Michael Davidson Nov 01, 2012
Those tires look really skinny.
Description: However, these are often insanely expensive and arguably often deviate from what a pure sports car is all about. Many consider the Porsche 911 to be the definitive sports car of our time (as it has be...
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Shaniqua Latisha Nov 03, 2012
Miguel the 911 is plenty at home on a track regardless of weight distribution
Ian Ragsdale Nov 03, 2012
.. And I'm not sure if you've been to the ring, but it is a very high speed track that is much longer than a typical road course and is not a good comparison point when discussing handling. A 638 hp car like a zr1 has a definite advantage there.
Ian Ragsdale Nov 03, 2012
@Miguel. Most of your points are valid, but the weight distribution in a 911 is an advantage in racing. In a FR layout, 50/50 is best, but in a rear engine car like the 911 all of that weight over the rear wheels gives traction out of the corners.
Miguel Jimenez Nov 02, 2012
Miguel Jimenez Nov 02, 2012
@Jordan I 100% understand the point of this article I just can't stand idiots that use opinions and claim that they're facts. @Zach Riding shot gun isn't the same as driving bud. And since when does C&D compare the Vette, Viper, and 911 around the
Zachary Maurer Nov 02, 2012
No,but I've ridden in them, and you still get a very good feel of the road, Miguel, and I'm also taking facts from motor trend and c&d
Jordan Smith Nov 02, 2012
Not to say that the Viper and Corvette don't have it, because I think they do, but everyone has their own opinions.
Jordan Smith Nov 02, 2012
Miguel, as much as I love my Vipers and Corvettes, they're not talking about outright speed or ability on the track. They're talking about how it feels when you drive the car. That extra feeling of actually being connected with the car.
Miguel Jimenez Nov 02, 2012
Here's a fun fact the Viper's weight balance is 50/50, the Vette's is (ZR1) 51/49, and the 911's weight balance is 40/60. That being said I'm sure the Viper and Vette feel more at home on the track.
Miguel Jimenez Nov 02, 2012
@Zachary Ya cause you've driven the Viper, Vette, and 911 around the track so of corse would know how they feel around the ring, dude you sound like freaking idiot. @Quinn The nuburgring has 73 turns so I don't know what the hell you're talking about
Zachary Maurer Nov 01, 2012
@william I'm sorry I should have worded that differently, I meant that the vette and viper don't have as good as feel around the track as a 911. I'll take your jackass-ness in your comment and just pretend that your not a kid trying to look cool, oh..
John Serely Nov 01, 2012
@daniel lol most of the group tests I have read picked the 911!
Matt Piccolo Nov 01, 2012
@ Patrick, that's what I would do too!
Quinn Conner Nov 01, 2012
The "ring" favors high horsepower cars with such long straights.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 01, 2012
...And has suffered from chunky price increases. A Jaguar F-Type is better. It's cheaper, miles better-looking and looks set to be great to drive. The best sports car in the world now? I can't say. But I predict the F-Type will be holding that title.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 01, 2012
Regardless of any arguments made for the 911, everyone here should know it has been losing group tests recently. Electric power steering and a less involving chassis means that the GTR and Audi R8 were considered better by the legends at Evo...
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
Personally, I'd rather buy a used C5Z or S2K or somethin along those lines and build it up myself than fork over 80k for a new badass car. That way I can have MANY different cars for that amount of money.
Shannon Sims Oct 31, 2012
Confidence in the driving ability versus the viper/vette.
Devin Babyn Oct 31, 2012
Are you high or is your being a fanboy clouding your vision Erich? One guy hated on the 911 and then there was discussion. Really don't understand how you got that
Shannon Sims Oct 31, 2012
I AGREE, "fun is what you make it"!! Here's the thing vipers/vettes have down wheel on race tracks setting records etc... There's results where all achieved by pro race drivers and the same for Porsche. The difference is the Porsche evokes more
Trey Villarreal Oct 31, 2012
Diehards vs. Middlegrounders
Tyler Tarbox Oct 31, 2012
@Patrick. I completely agree with your statement. It doesn't matter what you drive as long as you love it.
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
There are plenty of cars out there that can be just as fun as an 80k Z06 or 911. Just gotta be realistic.
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
I don't care what car it is ultimately as long as you're having fun building/driving/riding/racing it. I could build a third gen Camaro for under 10k and it would be a track monster. I think it depends a lot on peoples expectations and standards.
Devin Babyn Oct 31, 2012
Wow there's been some seriously idiotic statements here
Nick El-Khoury Oct 31, 2012
Its apples and oranges. They're all great cars, only in their respective niches. But here, in a "pure sports car" article, the 911 comes on top. It's simply the best all-rounder.
Nick El-Khoury Oct 31, 2012
Vipers and Vettes can very capably take corners and have proven this through track times and slalom runs. So let's get that assumption out of the way. Also, while the M3 is a truly incredible car, the Porsche outperforms it in nearly every aspect.
William Downs Oct 31, 2012
Zach did u really just say the Yvette and viper CNT take a corner, they both have broken production records around the ring, get your fact rite and stop pulling shit out your ass
Shelby Cassandra Oct 31, 2012
Really? An M3 over a 911? Mustang GT beats the M3 doesn't it? Explain how it does what a 911 does better than a 911. I'm very curious of your explanation.
Zachary Maurer Oct 31, 2012
The viper and vette are really just super powerful muscle cars, great for speed, not so much in corners, but the 911 is one of the best drivers cars, ask anyone, even motor trend...
No Pistons Oct 31, 2012
Their point is great driving cars today still have a load of tech and very expensive, not the the 911 is the best car
Elias Harb Oct 31, 2012
An M3 does those things as good as/better than the 911. Id take it anyday over the 911.
John Serely Oct 31, 2012
...along with several other attributes that makes it one of the all time best cars.
John Serely Oct 31, 2012
There is a reason why the 911 is not only considered the definitive sports car, but why IT IS. It combines speed, a fun to drive nature, an ability to use it as a DD, great interior, great exterior and the refinement that only comes from time...
John Serely Oct 31, 2012
...seconds slower around a track rather than a car that's uncomfortable, a little less fun to drive (just a little), less good interior and exterior (IMO) and is a little faster around a track.
John Serely Oct 31, 2012
Just because it's fast doesn't mean it is not as good. I've driven a viper, vette and many 911s, and the viper and vette were faster, but the 911s were much more fun to drive. Personally, I'd rather have a car that's fun to drive, but a couple...
Austin Sullivan Oct 31, 2012
I don't agree with this overwhelming love for Porsche. They're extremely nice, but not the best out there.
Jordan Smith Oct 31, 2012
Danny, If you're implying that the Viper is only fast in straight lines, then you have a lot to learn.
Danny Scott Oct 31, 2012
Most people don't realize there are more to cars than just going fast in a straight line
Bren Bracken Oct 31, 2012
They're talking about great drivers cars, even as a viper fan I know it shouldn't be on that list (excluding acr) the viper is a car that you try and survive in vs driving it
Brian Johnston Oct 31, 2012
Again with Porsche carbuzz. Try a more manly car like a viper.
Description: But thanks to Subaru and Toyota, sports car lovers without deep pockets have renewed hope alternately called the BRZ, GT86 and Scion FR-S. Back in 2009, Toyota revealed its first GT86 concept at the T...
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Joel Hayes Nov 01, 2012
I prefer the GT86. It looks more like an LFA
Devin Babyn Oct 31, 2012
I just can't get past the big black bar/bumper
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
They're very close, I like the brz's headlights better, but the rest of the brz's front is odd... If u threw the brz's headlights on the scion it would b perfect! And the little spoiler but I think both scion and Subaru now offer one
Nick Schnee Oct 31, 2012
I like the fog lights of the Subaru more, plus, if you get it, you don't have to tell people you drive a Toyota. XD
Zaire Wilkins Oct 31, 2012
i dont like the way this car looks but the chassis are 5 stars
Michael Davidson Oct 31, 2012
I think they both are amazing cars. But I'm a sucker for Subaru's, so I like the BRZ more.
John Serely Oct 31, 2012
I think this looks a lot better than the frs
William Downs Oct 31, 2012
BRZ for me love that front end so much, just give it a small hood scoop like from the last gen of the legacy gt
Lou Guerrero Oct 31, 2012
I like the frs more by a small margin since they're almost identical.
Edward Galligan Aug 13, 2013
Too me the BRZ is way Better Looking than the other two
Description: After a couple more concepts and a seemingly endless amount of spy shots, the production cars finally arrived earlier this year, and the world is a better place for it. In a segment previously reserve...
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Cory Poteet Nov 01, 2012
@Mladen hush... If they forget about it we can snag one up for cheap!
Mladen Sakotic Nov 01, 2012
Is the genesis cope not in the same class? I know it has a v6 option but the base model starts at $25000 and has an i4 and a 6 speed Manuel with over 200 horse.
Description: Chevrolet is also looking at the possibility of doing a small RWD sports car to take its cues from the Code 130R concept displayed last January at the Detroit show. Now, some may point out that Chevro...
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Matt Piccolo Nov 01, 2012
@ Justin, the brz is already quicker in the corners than an ss or gt lol... And I know in Canada, the gt starts at 32k cuz I drove by a ford dealer yesterday.. Might be different in the us though... So hear, srry it would b 7 not 8k
Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 01, 2012
Guys, the BRZ/FR-S/GT86 are slow. Simple as that. But I would take them over a muscle car like the SS or GT. I would take a ZR1 over any of them, mind...
Ross Vermillion Nov 01, 2012
I would take the gt or ss anyday but I do like the brz but I still believe that the ss can corner better than this
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
I mean you can dump money into a BRZ. But no matter how much you dump into it, it won't have the nostalgia and sound of a good ol smallblock. Not putting the BRZ down btw, I'm just saying there's a discrepancy between what you pay for & what you get
Justin Routh Oct 31, 2012
the brz does have an awesome chassis though. I think if it had an I6 it would be a monster
Justin Routh Oct 31, 2012
@Matt the BRZ starts a little over $25k and the base 5.0 GT is $30k. I doubt with 5k the brz will be quicker than the stang or ss even in the corners. And it wont sound nearly as amazing.
Devin Babyn Oct 31, 2012
I'd take twice the power over 10-20km/h faster cornering speeds. You might have to buy brakes more often but it'll be one hell of a time burning through em
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
And just out of interest, if anyone knows... Does this app work on the iPhone 5? I'm on order for 1 cuz bell had non in stock ad I was jw?
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
Maybe not as hard as the ss, but u could whip it around a corner SO much quicker than an ss...
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
Maybe not as hard as the ss, but u could whi
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
@ Patrick, there's no way a brz can best the sound of any v8 or even v6, but u don't need to beat the power of the v8 when ur cars light... If u threw the 8k it would take u to get an ss in the brz, it would pull damn hard just bec it's light...
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
Even though I know the BRZ handles better, you can't beat the power and sound of small block V8. You can do a lot with that fat SS and the IRS.
Devin Babyn Oct 31, 2012
Ford is soon to launch the next gen Stang that'll be lighter and have a turbo 4. So I'd say they (possibly accidentally) have thrown themselves into this
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
The gt or ss is at least 8 k more depending on options (but for sake of comparison 8k if all 3 are base models) And I'd take that 8k and throw it in the brz before I bought a gt and definately an ss
Michael Davidson Oct 31, 2012
I would take a 5.0 over this, but an STI BRZ over any of them.
John Serely Oct 31, 2012
I would take a mustang GT over the toyoburus, but a BRZ over the rest
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 31, 2012
vvvv they werent labeled Chevy or Ford
Lou Guerrero Oct 31, 2012
They tried with the Sky and Solstice.
Brian Johnston Oct 31, 2012
I'd take a v8 camaro or mustang over this everyday of the week.
Alex Long Nov 03, 2012
Every guys dream
Michael Dunn Nov 02, 2012
Needs more power
Joshua Grant Robinson Nov 01, 2012
This is the car I've been waiting for! And from Toyota I'm jacked!
Ethan Amo Oct 31, 2012
Them wheels and that colour=perfection
Description: No, the BRZ and GT86/FR-S are all about simplicity, affordability and the art and joy of driving through some wicked mountainside twisty roads, not off-the-line acceleration times and quarter-mile...
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Cory Poteet Nov 01, 2012
Kudos to all involved for these little cars! The modern horsepower war is awesome... But is pushing a 911/vette/GT-R or even an SS or GT to 4/10's it's potential as much fun as trying to get 11/10's out of one these?
Description: While no car is perfect - otherwise we'd all be driving that one and this writer would be out of work - the "Toyabaru Triplets" come damn close to the ideal driver's car for the ev...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 01, 2012
Its b/c, since ther are so few out ther, people are buying them far from their nearest dealeriship. So the dealership that sells it doesnt get to charge you for the maintanance. So to make up for that they mark them up.
Maria Garcia Oct 31, 2012
@Lou, yeah the mark up is pretty ridiculous. There's a BRZ at the Subaru dealership near me and they're asking $33k for it.
No Pistons Oct 31, 2012
@lou Ya they went up by more then 5k within a month
Edgar Jauregui Oct 31, 2012
Great editorial keep them coming :)
Lou Guerrero Oct 31, 2012
I've heard dealer markups are out of control. Shame.
Petre Draghici Dec 22, 2012
This is awesome, but they should make a supercharged version.
Joshua Grant Robinson Nov 01, 2012
Is looking like a Ferrari at under 30K a bad thing? Not that I think it does, I'm just saying.
Yasser Zahabi Nov 01, 2012
@pablo .. I sort of see what you mean .. The lines of the rear 1/4 if the car forgetting about the rims
Devin Babyn Oct 31, 2012
If you slide over to only seeing the back half it actually does seem like a Ferrari. I'm talking body lines not rims ect.
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
Other than the rims and the fact it's too high I kinda agree... Weird?
Tyler Tarbox Oct 31, 2012
Looks nothing like any Ferrari
Chris Gaines Oct 31, 2012
looks straight Ferrari from this angke
Shannon Sims Oct 31, 2012
Lmao that's funny!!!
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 31, 2012
He did the stare and drive didnt he!?!? I invented that!
Tara Fitria Oct 31, 2012
The"stare and drive", taught to this man by roman pierce.
Danny Burns Nov 04, 2012
I like this one.
Grant Paquin Oct 31, 2012
That's good looking.
Spiros Manessis Oct 31, 2012
Nice and clean. Wish I could afford one !
Lou Guerrero Oct 31, 2012
This TRD bumper looks a lot like a reworked BRZ bumper lol