Comments - DFA: Lada Driver Lucky to be Alive

Published: Oct 31, 2012
Description: Sometimes when you see a horrific car crash, your immediate thought is that it's all over for the parties involved. It's a terrible sight to see but unfortunately accidents do happen, and t...
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Liam Lau Nov 01, 2012
How can you say: "lucky to be alive" when his life includes driving a Lada? IMO driving a Ferrari then dying is luckier than driving a Lada and living.
Justin Santinelli Oct 31, 2012
That's not a woman
Description: Changing lanes and passing other cars needs to be handled with skill and attention. This guy had neither, and nearly paid for his mistakes with his life and that of his passenger, but an accident like...
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Cindy Ngo Feb 09, 2013
Boom smash the truck but he's lucky
Alex Bouckley Nov 23, 2012
Oh my god...
Michael Dunn Nov 02, 2012
Tino Domingue Nov 01, 2012
The driver of this car that flies buy before the crash... is a young dude wearin' a black hoody... Guy that crawls out of the tin can... A YOUNG DUDE WEARIN' A BLACK HOODY!!! Nuff said...
Xin Zhao Nov 01, 2012
Hmm if u watch carefully the driver of the bus on which the video was filmed speed up deliberately and tried to block the car in the accident from overtaking. So the guy behind the video caused the crash to happen. What a tight arse driver
Ryan Sansossio Nov 01, 2012
I definately think thats the passenger getting out. Driver must just be stuck in the car? Didnt look like anyone left the car
Ryan Spencer Nov 01, 2012
How the... He better cure a disease or something...
Jared Palmer Oct 31, 2012
It looks like the driver comes through the windshield at 0:19. It happens so quick it's hard to see but there were two people in the car. The passenger climbs out at the end.
Joe Criscione Oct 31, 2012
Stupid idiot. Leave the racing to the track man.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Oct 31, 2012
Clearly two people in the car (frame by frame you can see two heads move side to side as the car looses control)but only one makes it out, most likely the passenger that got thrown towards the drivers side but is clearly seating in the passengerside
Alex Renaud Oct 31, 2012
1) The steering wheel is on the left side of this vehicle (as you look out the front window). 2) The lucky bloke who climbed out was driving. 3) I am not certain that there was another person in the vehicle.
Bailey McLendon Oct 31, 2012
What is that apricot box thing at the end of the video?
Morgan Marcella Oct 31, 2012
This car has awesome safety features. Like No Airbags... And so on...
Sam Oglesby Oct 31, 2012
What the hell how lucky is that guy
Chris Clark Oct 31, 2012
After watching over and over again with multiple pauses, it does in fact look like two people were in there
Tyler James Davis Oct 31, 2012
Dude the driver side is on the left hand, upon crashing you saw the guy come out of the right side, and if you look inside the car you can see two people. Clearly one guy got crushed.
Russ Sugar Oct 31, 2012
It does look like he is passenger after all. Driver is dead 4 sure.
Tn Ng Oct 31, 2012
@justin. Yah after pausing the video, there was a driver and passenger, clearly saw two heads, guy that got out was passenger, cause theres nothing left on the driver side.
Tn Ng Oct 31, 2012
How the hell is he still alive...let alone walking out of the wreck like that, guy cheated death
Jay York Oct 31, 2012
No wonder they lost the Cold War...
Justin Barter Oct 31, 2012
For everyone carrying on about how 'he is the driver' or 'there was no passenger'...there WAS a passenger. (Ie: 2 people in the car) if you pause the video at 17secs, you'll see there are clearly 2 people in the car...kinda sad 'cause only 1 walks away
Serge Pankratov Oct 31, 2012
This guy gets Tboned by a semi, does a 360 and gets Tboned AGAIN and walks out??!! His guardian angel definitely got a run for his money!! I still cant believe it!!!
Bryan Whitt Oct 31, 2012
Lucky he wasn't wearing seatbelt others wise he'd be dead . Did you notice the steering wheel was outside of the car at end ?
Ben Mossing Oct 31, 2012
Anyone else notice he didn't even have a seatbelt
Lee Cascio Oct 31, 2012
He was the driver. If he was wearing a seat belt it would be his last trip that's for sure.
Zeus Mocha Oct 31, 2012
That used to be a car 10 seconds ago. I don't think he even had a seat belt
Russ Sugar Oct 31, 2012
Omg, makes me wana buy Lada. How in hell did he walked away from that one? Soviet Russia Quality?
Freddie Ibarra Oct 31, 2012
I don't think the driver made it out of that one...
Redge Diakité Oct 31, 2012
I swear this Guy is God
William Downs Oct 31, 2012
What u talking about there is no passenger, he is the driver, there is no one else in the car he crawled out from the drivers side... well whats left anyway... mofo is lucky as hell
Barry Boo Wilson Oct 31, 2012
Ya don't think the driver made that one.
Barry Boo Wilson Oct 31, 2012
WOW!!!!! Talk about not your time!
Patrick Hathorn Oct 31, 2012
That isn't the driver, that's the passenger.
Michael Davidson Oct 31, 2012
Holy crap!!!! And he just hops out and walks away!!!
Ryan Spencer Nov 01, 2012
She does look at something, and it looks like it made her cringe, but it's impossible to see what it really is.
Nick Mallios Oct 31, 2012
There was 2 in the Lada, the driver has gone through the windscreen(0.18)was wearing black and the blonde lady looks at him on the ground when she attends to the passenger who jumps through the windscreen in the end.