Comments - Chevy Releases Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

Published: Oct 31, 2012
Description: For the first time in Hot Wheels history, a full-size production version of the collectable toy will go on sale, with the Camaro Hot Wheels Edition set to arrive at Chevy dealerships early next year. ...
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Justin Davis Nov 17, 2012
Ugly hot wheels badges!
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
Agree, I would remove the Hot Wheels logos but otherwise I think this thing is really awesome. I want a 1LE though.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 31, 2012
Would be cool if all the hot wheels stickers were removed
John Atnip Oct 31, 2012
Another useless package for an exorbitant fee.
Paul Dickey Oct 31, 2012
If I buy my nice new pony car I really wouldn't want it to have hot wheels stickers all over it.
Description: A two-tone matte hood graphic and rear taillight panel blackout graphic, How Wheels flame logo on the fender, grille and decklid complete the look. The cabin is trimmed in black leather with red and ...
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Description: The original 1:64-scale toy Custom Camaro from 1968, one of the 16 original models issued, remains one of the most valuable Hot Wheels toys. The special edition full-size model, with a package price o...
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Andrew Brewer Nov 02, 2012
Would you tell them it's full of candy?
Colby Church Oct 31, 2012
Lol @ Garrett. This car would've been better without machine faced wheels, just solid black.
Garrett Keller Oct 31, 2012
I'd tell kids that I bought the toy, buried it, watered it, and waited for it to grow
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 31, 2012
Agree that blue should be a factory choice besides the hotwheels edition
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
This looks really good. Love that blue
William David Nov 01, 2014
We have that in Kuwait ( Middle East) Because I am from Kuwait and William David is a fake name.
Donald Pittman Nov 01, 2012
Factory 21", I've only seen them on a few Camaros.
Hunter Boggs Feb 23, 2013
I was just at a car show the other day and I saw this car there in person